The Illegal Child

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This is an enchanting tale of mythical creatures and intriguing, action-packed adventures. This magical story features an innocent teenage boy and a majestic princess. The Illegal Child begins with an unsuspecting teenager named Danny who leaves a Halloween party one dark and eerie night. He encounters a strange, odd-looking, despicable old man. With incredible strength, the old man suddenly turns into this gigantic, hideous creature with a contorted, hellish face and loud flapping wings. He grabs Danny and carries him to a far-off castle. The adventures begin in this godforsaken place. Held against his will, Danny feels doomed to a life of hell until he gazes upon the most incredible beauty he has ever witnessed. She stared at him with the dreamy, lightest brown caramel eyes he had ever seen. Her silky long wavy hair fell gently on her shoulders, and her face revealed a mocha-like radiant glow. This was no ordinary girl! In fact, Danny had encountered a princess, whom he later discovers was actually an angel. Meeting Valentonia, the angel, takes Danny on countless adventures. This is a remarkable fairy tale that will leave you begging for more.

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