Old Baldie Rides Again

The Story of a Lone Explorer
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A Series of adventures somehow fitted into a single lifetime from childhood and the struggle between myth and reality through conscription, The Army Air Corps, in Germany, the Berlin wall, the Nijmegen marches, back packing, a climbing accident, the coalmine, the steelworks, incarceration in a Spanish jail, Strangeways, Israel two years after the Six Day War, strafed, caught in crossfire near Jericho, held up at knifepoint in Istanbul, college, hang gliding, learn about camels, mugged in Morocco, make a film crossing the Saharan Empty Quarter, first solo crossing of Iceland, recreating Stanley’s journey to find Livingstone, a leopard, a man-eating lion, trained to become an astronaut but no spaceflight with N.A.S.A. ,nearly got spaceflight with Russians, a four foot rabbit, an alligator, Tenerife, coast to coast over volcano, stroke and epilepsy, wheelchair? No chance, returned to Tenerife, the “Cabbage in a wheelchair” climbed the volcano. Along the way Ted has been a successful folk singer and songwriter and has published the accounts of his major expeditions, a novel based in the Middle East and poetry books.

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