Awakening Kings and Princes Volume I

Sacred Knowledge to Nourish the Mentality, Support Spiritual Growth, Learning the Light, and Progressing to Become a Master Lover while Embracing Desire
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Awakening Kings and Princes (AWKP) is self-help and spiritual growth book on systematic knowledge of information on discovering the awakening of an individual’s in-depth personage, addressing the prowess of the mentality to awakening emunah (faith, truth, stability, fidelity) within ourselves. A way of framework addressed to elevating destiny and noetic abilities to consciously pro-create positive hypnosis and distinguish the contempt and evil morals of this world by re-evaluating the conscience to nurture the prowess. AWKP is about training the mind to stop grounding the mind worthlessly but to become Truth within, while disregarding the negative social constructions of this world. Focuses of AWKP is the empirical substance and realism to create better wisdom without the falsifying ideologies that burdens the mind. AWKP gives clarity to soulful union with Yahawah (God) and Yahawashi (Christ) to harvest direction to the covenant without the feeling of contempt and provides the essence of faith, prayer and fellowship. AWKP unfolds the realism of Loveology with complete embrace of the sexual and love, providing the awakening of the very nature within ourselves, framework of Sensual BDSM, Untold Novels, and Investments, sexual revelations of roots and PE2, artful thrusting, dimensions of pleasure, art of Domestic Discipline, Adon loving, and special potent sexual remedies.

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