Wipe My Tears, O Ghana

The Tears of a Desperate Ghanaian Girl Fainting from Holding on to a Nearly Impossible Dream
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This story is of a young Ghanaian girl; Kabuki who is suffering an extreme case of depression because she cannot live her dreams; which is to exploit all of her potentials and experience the kind of freedom others like herself enjoy in other developed countries; is frustrated and disappointed because Ghana is facing deep unlimited challenges that directly affect her and her inability to live her life and she sees no sign of these problems going away anytime soon. Her uncountable attempts at living her dreams at all cost through time, draws her to the painful realization of various challenges that limit her growth in Ghana leaving her broken in faith with a deep threat to throw her dreams to the curb. Despite the decade of research work combined with her proposed solutions, she is always turned away by the units that matter and taken for granted by the people who have what it takes to help her situation. On her journey to discover what it takes to develop potentials, she encounters millions of Ghanaians holding on to broken dreams and defining wrong outlets to pour their frustrations. One sleepless and frustrated night, she wakes up in tears and pours out her heart on paper to her Psychologist. She pinpoints her personal opinion on problems in Ghana, analyzes them and offers strategies to combat the challenges. Wipe my tears, O Ghana is a wakeup call to our leaders, political parties and influencers of society. It is time we all pause, reflect and take a critical look at what the needs of the people in the nation are which is the only ingredient required to grow the nation.

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