Spirit’s Virtual World
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This is a mystical story about man’s best friend, his closest companion, his dog. This is a touching story about a dog no one wanted to buy. A tiny black-and-white phantom poodle doggie in the window, but not the show window! She was at the back of the pet store, in a small cage with a glass front. She was covered in shredded black-and-white newspapers, which made it appear the cage was empty! This is an amazing story about an amazing dog that understood English, Spanish, Greek, and some Italian. A dog with a certificate of pedigree of five generations! A dog with a sharp mind, extensive vocabulary, an extraordinary fast runner, and the ability to love people unconditionally! A dog who loved working at rest homes, private homes, and hospice care as an invited guest. This is a story about how a dog named Spirit overcame the loss of her hearing as well as 90 percent of eyesight, but never her vision to still help others, as she has a great nose for smelling! A high-spirited companion with a magical ability to feel thoughts before and after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This magical, mystical story will touch your heart! It’s a story many will relate to about their own companions they have today or a companion that also crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Companions who will forever provide magical memories of love. This is a book every pet owner needs to have in their home for future reference.

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