Opening the Circle

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This book is called Opening the Circle for the reason that in these pages, I have tried to open readers to reach beyond what might be their ordinarily closed circles of friends, relatives, and everyday types of knowledge. I have tried to intensify rather than normalize thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. I have done this hoping that I might not only expand my own horizons but also to spark the innovative spirit in us all. Aren’t new ideas the lifeblood of invention and curiosity? In the interest of encouraging space exploration and alien contact that may have occurred on earth long ago, I have written various fantasy poems about extraterrestrials and strange—sometimes illogical—alien planets. I have explored the illogical also for the reason that I thought about people before photographs were invented who would never have believed that television was possible! I have greatly enjoyed reaching for abstract metaphors and similes because it makes me feel fresh, new, and alive. I have always believed that readers were amused with this sort of expression. As you will see for yourself if you read this stirring book, I have expressed strong emotional convictions about war and peace and also some strong ties to religious concepts. Some of my nature poems were inspired by such phenomenon. I have written in several different styles, usually including rhyme and verse perhaps because of my own exposure to these various influences. I did not feel that I could adequately express everything intended within just one style. There is a lot of use of colors here. In fact, I have written a few poems without the use of at least one color word. Other things you will see a lot of are trees and moons perhaps because these seemed to be full of mystery and romance to me. I hope you will be benefited by the romance of life that I myself so devotedly believe in throughout all its various phases. I could not, of course, leave the children out of my book because they are the ultimate embodiment of innocence and all that is really cute and funny in life. What would our world’s romance be without their adorable faces, only a very boring moon that did not give her light?

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