Forgive Me, Sister

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“If it’s time for women to rule the world again, why are you telling this to me, a twenty-eight-year-old man?” Richard asked. Stopping in her tracks and spinning around, she looked Richard dead in the eye as she said, “Because of that. Because you are a twenty-eight-year-old man.” The soft look had dropped from her face as she scolded Richard. Forgive Me, Sister is the story of Richard, a guy who feels trapped in an increasingly masculine world where the mind takes precedence over the heart and where femininity is highly suppressed. While seeking to fill the gaping hole residing in his spiritual core, he is confronted by the task of empowering the feminine in order to protect our Mother Earth from the systematic destruction of her land, air, and seas. In a journey that throws up sexual inequality, through an ayahuasca retreat and a surprise reconnection with a lost love, Richard rediscovers his purpose and finds a timely helping hand to aid him on his path. The story of the insights Richard obtains along the way provides us, as only a few stories have done, with a compelling reminder of the essential wisdom of confronting our challenges, being open to the synchronistic petals strewn along life’s path, and above all, following our heart’s desire.

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