The Black Clergy's Misguided Worship Leadership

Petition: No More Idol Gods for Black People
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  • Published: January 2010
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 136
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781425178062
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The Black Clergy’s Misguided Worship Leadership, This book is an incisive analysis showing why and how the black community’s worship of Jesus Christ, Christianity’s White male idol, is a subliminal, underlying cause of the high incarceration rates among young Black males. Citing cogent historical, educational, and behavioral reasons, Dr. Bell explains why the worship of the ancient Roman, Constantine- certified, white male idol Jesus Christ is misguided and afflicts black people with a deleterious white superiority syndrome. Dr Bell explains further how such worship spiritually emasculates and socially demeans black manhood and how many young black men intuitively react in ways that lead to high rates of delinquencies, violence, crime, and incarceration. In this book, Dr. Bell petitions the black clergy to stop this misguided worship and start teaching black people a new Christianity that espouses a “Worship only God, the source and sustainer of life” message and honors but does not worship prophet Jesus. Dr. Bell argues that this new Christianity will liberate black people from the damaging psychological effects of their white-male worshipping folkways. He also argues that the new Christianity will end the spiritual emasculation and disrespect imposed on young black men by the old Constantine-certified Christianity and will thus mediate downward the high rates of delinquencies, violence, and incarceration among young black men. Dr. Bell asserts that unless the black clergy takes the actions requested in his petition, black people will forever think of themselves as inferior to white people and many, angry young Black men will continue their plight and plunge toward incarceration.

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