Absolute Bliss

A Woman's Guide to Relationship Happiness
  • Published: July 2004
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 298
  • Size: 8x10
  • ISBN: 9781412025898
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Do you remember when you were single? Those were the days, weren't they? You were doing just fine. Remember when you were dating? You know, playing the field. Take a minute and go down memory lane. Remember those courting days? Weren't the mating rituals great? Cavaliers were doing wonders to win your attention. I'm not saying that it happened all at once, or that there weren't dry periods in between. However, you've probably had your share of interested potentials. Men did the wooing, because they didn't want you to forget them. It served the purpose of winning the woman they viewed as a potential steady partner.

You pretty much had it all and then you picked one person who was able to charm you. Taking those steps toward each other got the chemistry going and you fell in love. Remember that person back then? They were pretty close to standing upside down on their hands, playing the tambourines with their feet and whistling Dixie. You most likely wanted the love, safety and family life. You obviously valued a monogamous relationship and that is why you chose to commit. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Yeah ok, but why did he stop whistling Dixie, and why are his tambourines rusting out in the garage?".

I'm not going to give you a "quick fix"; because, you've most likely already read that somewhere. So, hang on.

I'm going to explain a simple philosophy that has its origins from established theories. Its potential is that it may generate permanent change through simplicity.

The intention of this guide is to prioritize the focus of development. In other words, to help women back on track in their own lives, thus allowing rediscovered happiness to "overfloweth from a full cup" to where it may.

The examples in the guide deal with the themes of; change, personal ties, tenderness, and sexual attraction. You obviously want a change in life, not to mention a happier relationship. So, that's where we'll begin. Embarking upon this path is one of the most fascinating journeys you'll ever take. The process starts with "you", and it moves towards relating successfully with your partner

Now, let's see if we can dig those tambourines out of the garage!

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