I Love You This Much

  • Published: March 2005
  • Format: Saddle Stitch Softcover(Color)
  • Pages: 24
  • Size: 8x10
  • ISBN: 9781412043885
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A mommy and a daddy desperately want a child to love. While "bursting" with love to give, they feel "empty" because they have no child to give it to. They try month after month, year after year, but no baby comes. Their hope gradually turns into sadness and despair, until one day when the mommy becomes ill. A rush to the doctor reveals that the mommy is pregnant and will soon have a baby to love "more than anything in the world." Joy and anticipation replace sadness and despair, and the arrival of their blessed son is the best thing in the world.

As the baby grows into a young boy, he knows that his mommy and daddy love him very much. His curiosity, however, gets the best of him, and he yearns to know just "HOW MUCH" they love him. One simple question, "Just HOW MUCH do you love me?", turns the phrase "I love you very much" into a fantasia of meaning, as the mommy reaches deep down into her heart to describe just 'HOW MUCH' she loves her son.

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