…but they call me Sonny

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Pamela lost her dad when she was three. Later she begins a search to find a grandfather presented by such a loss. Armed with a mission to find him, the facts start to skew. Clues twist and turn; and then entwine to such a degree she bumps into her dad's story. …and learns the only way to find the man fate chose to leave behind is that first she must go through her dad. Both in the search, both on the same path, but forty years apart, do the gods lead them to the one they want so desperately to find.

Fourteen and growing up in the streets, Sonny can’t wait to leave; he lives for the day he can put all the shame behind him. But with the hard times that have hit the country and the fact all the kids depend on him…where would he go. It’s not as if he has a direction. All he has in this world is his brother Paul. …and even though Paul has him by a few years, the big guy depends on him too.

Naw, labeled bastards since as far back as they can remember…it’s just he and Paul against the rest of them. Forced to be the responsible one, he will bide his time and deal with the chaos and turmoil as it comes. That is until he finds out the secret kept; one that ignites a fire so strong that without thought leads him on a journey that will take him to all but two of the forty-eight states in the Union.

Join him on his mission. Share his thoughts. Share his dreams. Life now his school, meet those that help shape the man he grows up to be. Travel with him through a period of time when millions of Americans are on the same path. A period of history now known as the Great Depression, they're all looking for a better life…all that is except one. Sonny isn’t looking for a better life…he is looking for his life. …but they call me Sonny is a book based on a real life. Does he have a dad? If so, where is he? Why would the man take off and leave him alone with Susie? Can he fill the void that aches in his heart? …and is it true, was he robbed of the life he was born to live?

Who are these strangers standing over your grave;
          ... not knowing your story and you not knowing theirs.
We are the ones that know where you lie;
          ... yet we are the ones that won’t let you die.
Maybe this story will comfort our hearts;
          ... to bring us closer and not so far apart.
We always wondered, we were always sad;
          ... and all we could do is call you Dad.

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