The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
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  • Published: February 2013
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  • Pages: 506
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  • ISBN: 9781466953499
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“After extensive research, the author presents some of the frequently conflicting findings of investigators and government committees over the decades along with many of the minute details associated with the case. In all, Underwood has constructed a highly readable and fact-filled compendium that should prove very useful to students of the tragedy.” —The US Review of Books Rendezvous with Death: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy presents the facts surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and a detailed explanation of the shooting as it occurred according to the factual evidence. A considerable amount of false trails and leads exist in the evidence, turning the case into a quagmire of contradictory and unreliable assertions. The major task undertaken was to sort out, as much as possible, fact from fiction, and determine truth from rumor and speculation. Numerous sources and materials were researched to provide the reader with a thorough and well-documented review of the facts presented in the JFK assassination literature. Still, the conclusions presented are my own and are not intended to be presumptuous in claiming a definitive or conclusive solution to the case. Therefore, the purpose of this book is not to convince the reader that I have finally found the answers for most of the puzzling and perplexing questions surrounding this highly controversial case. Rather, my intention was twofold: (1) to provide the reader with a comprehensive study that presented as many facts as possible regarding the JFK assassination gleaned from a wide variety of sources, and (2) devise a plausible explanation of the assassination based upon that factual information. My conclusions are based primarily on a close examination of the Zapruder film with documentation provided by numerous sources. Although the Zapruder film shows evidence of splicing, it still remains as one of the most significant pieces of JFK assassination evidence. It is hoped that this study will move us closer to the truth.

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