How to Develop Professional Selling Skills & Techniques Based on Common Sense & Ethics

by Anthony J. Danna



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/22/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 198
ISBN : 9781412040433

About the Book

The message I have for salespeople is based on the knowledge and experience I have acquired from over 45 years of real world selling, sales management, sales training and management of customer service/support centers. The knowledge and insights I want to pass along with my book have not been learned in sales training classes and seminars I have attended or books I have read. The finer selling and human relation techniques I have developed and presented in my book have been learned in the real world of selling.

This book is intended to make salespeople aware of the advanced techniques of how to become a successful professional salesperson. These techniques will enable salespeople to attain a higher level of professionalism, confidence, enthusiasm and success when selling. They will be able to separate themselves as true professionals from the crowded field of other capable sales people in their lines of business.

My objective is to pass along the knowledge and insights that I have acquired throughout my years of real world selling. This book identifies common selling mistakes and how to avoid them. This book will also reveal to you the many proven, successful selling techniques that I have learned and developed over the years. By learning, understanding and applying these finer techniques of selling, you will be able to further develop your existing selling talents, abilities and skills  into your own personalized "art form" of selling! 

Another purpose of this book is to present guidelines on how to develop, practice and implement techniques for successful, professional selling based on common sense and ethics.

Using a common sense approach towards selling will build upon the fact that becoming a successful salesperson involves maintaining a positive frame of mind. It has to do with how you think. It has to do with how you approach selling in your mind and place trust in your intuition. A successful salesperson's two most valuable assets are their mind and their time.

Ethics is presented as a key approach. Ethics is such an important topic that I felt the need to instruct salespeople on how to professionally develop and earn their customer's confidence and trust based on ethical business practices.

This book will present information and examples on how to develop professional selling skills based on ethical standards. These standards will relate directly to your moral character. The strength of you character will be based on your ability to develop and adhere to high moral standards and principles that will help to set you apart from other salespeople.

This book is divided into two sections. The first section examines "Selling Essentials." In the second section, I focus on the "Secrets Of Selling" where I reveal my "120 Fundamental Secrets Of Professional Salespeople."

The information, suggestions, techniques, strategies and insights in this book are candid, straightforward, realistic and in focus. They are presented in a condensed form so that they can be easily remembered, referred to and applied on a daily basis.  The chapters are designed to be easily read, digested and implemented by the reader. The brevity of some chapters is intended to appeal to people seeking real world, practical, no-nonsense answers to making themselves better salespeople and, therefore, making their sales team more effective.

About the Author

Graduated from West York High School. Graduated from York Junior College with an Associate of Science degree. Graduated from Penn State University with Distinction with a Bachelor of Business degree. He has received extensive training in sales, management, finance and technology. He has over 45 years of knowledge and experience in sales, sales management, sales training and management of customer service and support centers. He has been an instructor for Penn State University and is currently a sales consultant for an independent communications company.