The Balance Diet & Lifestyle

by Joyce Peters ND NC PT CHT & Summer Perry NC CHT



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/20/2009

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 7x10
Page Count : 348
ISBN : 9781426999871
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Page Count : 348
ISBN : 9781490776941
Format : Softcover
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Page Count : 348
ISBN : 9781425182816

About the Book

Wondering What Is Making You Feel Sick, Tired & Overweight? You are not only what you eat, you are what you think! Everything you think, eat, drink or consume; physically or mentally, has an effect on your health, weight, chemistry, DNA, cells, pH, moods, internal balance and lifespan. Restore Balance to Your Diet and Lifestyle and Get Well! • 3 Easy Menus for 3 Body Types & 3 Quick and Easy Exercises to achieve a healthy and fit body and mind. Reprogram your subconscious mind to change bad eating habits & eliminate behaviors that sabotage your diet! • Dieting Doesn’t Work! Identify the Hidden Causes and Obstacles that may be preventing you from losing weight. Stop Yo-Yo Dieting, Get Your Weight Under Control and Maintain Your Ideal Weight for a Lifetime. You can do it! A lifestyle solution that offers a fun and enlightening way to Lose Weight, Develop Healthier Habits, Manage Stress, Restore Health and Create the Life and Body of Your Dreams. • Medical Researchers at Leading Universities have uncovered ancient techniques and timeless beauty secrets from cultures around the world that helps slow the Aging Process, Improve Health, Control Weight and Restore Balance. • An Empowering and Invigorating Whole Person Approach to Self-Care That Helps You Reach Your Health and Fitness goals with an innovative new lifestyle program that Optimizes and Balances Your Powerful Mind-Body Connection with a unique combination of diet, physical and mental exercises, beauty treatments, meditation and yoga to Slenderize your Body and Soothe Your Mind. "Your thoughts have a powerful effect on your life and your health. Researchers have discovered that the Mind Body connection is even more powerful than first assumed. Unhealthy thinking is just as detrimental to your health as unhealthy living. Mental stress, fear, bad habits, negative emotions, negative thoughts and an unhealthy lifestyle can manifest into physical illness, imbalances, and weight-gain! People can think themselves sick! Psychosomatic illness is a term used when people literally think themselves sick when there is no apparent physical reason. Have you ever wondered why psychosomatic illnesses occur or how the placebo effect happens? How can a disease improve by taking only a sugar pill or by using herbs and vitamins, instead of medication? How can cancer disappear or go into remission, how can a crippled person walk after only being touched by a faith-healer? It is because the human mind can have a powerful effect over the body. The good news is, everyone has the potential to learn how to tap into their own inner innate healing powers by optimizing the Mind-Body connection. Therefore, if you can think yourself sick and overweight, you can think yourself healthier and slimmer. This is a guide to tap into (PSW) “Powers Stored Within” & “Psycho-Somatic- Wellness” (PSW) is a term coined by Dr. Joyce Peters who is a health educator, Certified Weight Management Specialist, Behaviorist and Naturopath who offers a Mind Body approach to weight loss and self-care. Dr. Peters teaches that proper healthcare is always important; however self-care is just as important. Often referred to as Dr. Joyce, she is the host of the annual Mind Body Makeover Contest, and the president of Mind Body Health Programs, Inc. and the author of The Anti-Aging Diet & Lifestyle and The Mind Body Medical Weight Loss Program. Dr. Peters is the International Spokesperson for “The Lunch-Time-Lift” by Beautiful Image, and is the co-developer of the Turn-Key Anti-Aging & Weight Loss System. Dr. Peters has written 17 lifestyle training programs that are available through a vast medical network of international medical sites. Dr. Peters is often quoted as a weight management specialist in Newspapers and magazines and has appeared on many radio and television shows. She is a health and fitness correspondent for Living Additions, a lifestyle television show that has aired on Oxygen and ION Life networks to millions of households, nationwide. Dr. Peters holds many certifications in healthcare and completed a 5 year course of study, receiving her Traditional Naturopathic Doctorate degree from Trinity School in Health Sciences and completed post-graduate studies in continuing education with the Mind Body Medical Institute at Harvard University Medical School in Clinical Applications of Mind Body Medicine, Positive Psychology and Lifestyle & Weight Management Counseling. Dr. Peters is a Nutritionist, Naturalist, Naturopath, Health Educator and Minister who believes inspiration and motivation are the two primary keys that enable anyone to achieve their health goals. Dr. Peters has a certification in Anti- Aging medicine and is an integrative scientist with interest in DNA and Stem Cell Research. DNA medicine is still in an infant stage. Dr. Joyce offers natural solutions to this growing area of interest and is involved in international product developments. She is a member of many health organizations around the world. Dr. Peters has worked in some of the most prestigious medical clinics in the United States and was selected by a former advisor to five U.S. presidents, as nutritional director for a nation-wide medical wellness project. Dr. Joyce is eager to share her secrets to anti-aging, wellness and weight loss in this step by step educational guide to help you achieve better health in both Mind and Body with her balanced lifestyle approach.

About the Author

Dr. Joyce Peters, the author, is a Nutritionist, Health Scientist and Rresearcher who concludes there are hidden causes of most every illness which are related to "Imbalance" and by eliminating these often overlooked culprits you can easily restore "Balance" and improve health. After scanning cultures around the globe Dr. Joyce found solutions for many of today's health problems and developed the "Balance Diet & Lifestyle System" that offers the benefits of Better Health, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, DNA Repair and Natural Stem Cell Production. Dr. Joyce has certifications in health care, laboratory sciences and earned a Doctorate degree at Trinity School of Health then completed studies at Harvard University in Weight Loss, Mind Body Medicine, Positive Psychology and in Lifestyle & Weight Management Counseling. Dr. Joyce is passionate about helping others achieve their health goals through wellness practices and nutrition. Her weight loss programs are used in hospitals and health care centers. She is quoted as a weight expert in magazines and as a health correspondent on Living Additions, a Lifestyle TV show on ION Life & Oxygen. Summer Perry, the co-author, completed studies in laboratory sciences at California State University and served an internship at the prestigious "Hoag Hospital" in Newport Beach California. Summer is an advocate of an integrative approach of good health-care and good self-care and when possible, using natural medicine and a healthy lifestyle as a preventative approach to illnesses and disease, rather than using drugs to mask symptoms. Her approach focuses on the cause rather than the symptom for relief. Summer is a nutritional consultant and phlebotomist and the inventor of the "Medi-Pescetarian" diet that helps slow the signs of aging, prevent adult onset illness and weight gain while improving a list of symptoms from A-Z. Dr. Amrik Walia, MD, PhD, the author of the book forward, is the President of the American Health Research Institute (AHRI) who received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Loyola University and completed studies in Mind Body Medicine at Harvard. Dr. Walia served as a professor of surgery at UAB School of Medicine. Dr. Walia is a well reputed medical researcher winning the equivalent of the nobel peace prize in India. Dr. Walia is a key leader in building business alliances with India and is the Founder of Spa Moksha and developer of medical-quality Ayurvedic products. Dr. Walia is a firm believer that Mind-Body medicine is beneficial for most health conditions.