McAuffe's Arctic

by L R Guffey



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/21/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781426903410

About the Book

Paul Rachael McAuffe, the son of Noah and Dorthy continues the saga of his family as told in his fathers old manuscript of “Skipping Rock”. Born and raised in the Brooks Range of Alaska, Paul tells tales of a life filled with arctic adventure, spirits, family, faith and flying. Born in 1935, Paul handed his father his business card at age 13. “McAuffe Aviation, Paul Rachael McAuffe proprietor”. As an adult, Paul delights in telling tales and writing of his adventures. It’s the simple things that seem to delight him the most. Winter quiet, the chugging of his wood stove, watching the swirling coffee grounds as they boil and his ever faithful Piper Cub. Crusty at times and prayerful at others, his life is filled with the ever present family spirits of old. Rachael, the woman in the red blanket, Spirit and Broken Eye the dogs, and many native people. Times of stress bring him to prayer. Times of quiet bring him to thankfulness. With Dakota his wife and flying partner, Ladonna his daughter, Joe and Dave his sons as well as his adopted Lakota children, Paul is fulfilled. He is constantly trying to figure out how to get even with Ian, his back slapping friend. He delights in his relationship with Fr Paddy, his mother’s partner on the trail. Paul’s connection with Vernon White Wolf, brings the past to the present.

About the Author

Larry was born in Indiana during the great depression, into a clan of Scott/Irish farmers and frontiersman dating to the Americas of 1667. School was a one room affair. With the exception of the author, the teacher and all the students spoke German and had the same last name. Raised in Detroit during the war years, he joined the Air Force at age 17 to seek his adventure. Forty four years in medicine started as an unseasoned medic at Torbay Newfoundland. Future assignments included stints in the emergency room , independent duty medic at remote Alaska radar sites, time with the National Health Service Corps, and retirement as a nationally certified physician assistant. Interests have always included map collecting, studying arctic and sea survival, and genealogy. A professed Franciscan, the Author lives in the mountains of Northern Idaho with his wife Kathleen, one dog and since retirement, days filled with projects and the freedom to call his own coffee breaks.