Home Grown Enemies

America Burns While Congress Bickers

by Kenneth Hoffman



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/25/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 152
ISBN : 9781425169527

About the Book

Home Grown Enemies: Was inspired by the American people and our do nothing elected officials in Washington. Inside the covers you will read about what our representatives have done to America, and it is not good. We have not had a leader since Ronald Reagan, and it has taken its toll. We American’s that work, and contribute our hard earned money to support the government are fed up with 1/3 of our tax dollars being wasted.

We have come to the conclusion that being an elected official is very similar to being a prostitute one sells their body, and the other their soul for a few dollars. We feel that the one that sells their body may be more honorable because, they did not swear on a Bible to be honorable!

Inside the covers of Home Grown Enemies: you will find a ton of constructive criticism’s, and common sense solutions to the issues being talked about. There are many, and our representatives are not addressing a single one of them, by offering a positive common sense workable solution.

Here are a few of the challenges offered Washington, and go wanting. Waste, illegal aliens, Welfare, social security, and a host of other issues, we have listed 16 items of concern. You must read: Home Grown Enemies, is very interesting it covers subjects in a manner no one else has dared to. It simply says what most American people think about you elected officials.

About the Author

Kenneth Hoffman is a retired Metal Forming Technologist, Practical Engineer, Machine Designer, Tool Designer, and R&D Specialist in Metal Forming. He has traveled the world on 15 occasions. He has written 36 technical books on metal forming. Ken consults with a steel company, conducting seminars, and teaching metal forming techniques.

Ken has designed, and built 7 houses from the ground up, by his self each house is a different design, and unique. When Ken talks about from scratch, that means the concrete work, framing, roofing, electrical, heating, dry wall, siding, painting and every finishing detail.

Ken is married, and has raised 5 boys. Writing a novel is a new experience for Ken. He has had to learn many things about the English language, long forgotten, he is 72 years old, and has watched America go through many hardships.

We are at the crossroads at this time in history, and we need a change of the guard to bring America back, from where we have wandered off to. We need a real leader that can run this show called America. Ken has seen America come from a position of greatness, to arrive where we are today a floundering, dysfunctional, divided nation, with a corrupt government, and elected officials that don't give a damn.

Ken loves America, when he was traveling he looked at several countries in which to retire, a result of the exploration is, America is my home. God bless America!