Mi Segunda Lengua el español

by Bertha L. Albornoz



Book Details

Language : Spanish
Publication Date : 11/13/2008

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 274
ISBN : 9781426906718

About the Book

The purpose of this book is to make accessible to Spanish language learners a step-by-step method to learn Spanish as a second language. It is intended for all beginning Spanish students and also for learners of Spanish in North America and Europe. Mi Segunda Lengua el español is based upon the traditional method with which Mrs. Albornoz and other native Spanish speakers learned Spanish as their first language in their native countries. This method is an easy and ideal way to help beginners experience definitive success in Spanish language learners without undue hardship. The book begins with the presentation of vowel sounds one-by-one until they are recognized orally and can be written and read correctly alone and in combinations with other vowels and consonants. The simple childlike drawings in the book help encourage children in their study of Spanish. Beginners will be able to form simple questions which should be answered with clarity. This question and answer format can be repeated as many times as is necessary. That is to say, until the student is certain that he understands when spoken to and that he is able to make himself understood. The emphasis is on communicating in meaningful simple language from the start. This method does not use memorization, instead the basic phonetic elements are acquired and built upon in a clear and simple way. The easy step-by-step method found in Mi Segunda Lengua el español will register the beauty and simplicity of the Spanish language upon the minds of young and old in an unforgettable fashion. Mi Segunda Lengua el español needs no supplemental materials. Each page is designed so that teachers and educators will find many ways to structure and plan their classes and will be able to share their vast knowledge of Spanish in an infinite combination of ways and ideas with the material presented. In publishing Mi Segunda Lengua el español, it is the author's intention to make a connection with educators, readers, students, and parents. This connection consists in helping those who desire to learn Spanish well avail themselves of a method that makes this possible. Ideally, the reading audience and author share a vision of the importance of learning Spanish well which will allow them to unfold the beauty of other cultures and be open to learning about people of Spanish-speaking countries. This book is spiral bound to make it easier to have the book remain open to the page that is being taught.

About the Author

Mrs. Albornoz has taught Spanish at various levels, including at: Mount St. Joseph High School, Loyola High School, Friends School, St. Mark's Elementary School, St. Charles Borromeo Elementary School, and Father Kolbe Elementary School – all in the Baltimore area. She has also been active in providing individual tutoring to students, and has taught adult education courses at the Berlitz School of Language. Through her new methods of teaching Spanish, Mrs. Albornoz's students not only learn a new language, they learn to understand and appreciate Latin culture. Teaching Spanish is her gift and her vocation. Her book, Mi Segunda Lengua el español, is unique, simple, fun, interesting, informative, and full of surprises. Colombian by birth, Mrs. Albornoz came to the United States in 1960 with her husband, Dr. Jose M. Albornoz. She became an American citizen in 1975. She has 4 children and 14 grandchildren. Mrs Albornoz is a prominent figure in the Hispanic community of Baltimore, Maryland. In 1998, she was inducted into the Women's Hall of Fame by the Baltimore City Commission for Women.