The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

A Re-Interpretation of History, Economics and Philosophy: 1492-2006

by Rocky M. Mirza



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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/2/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7.5x9.25
Page Count : 514
ISBN : 9781425113834
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 514
ISBN : 9781425135515

About the Book

This objective and rigorous re-visiting of the history of the US as the world's super imperiaist and "mock" democracy comes at an opportune time. the book explains with logical integrity why the world is finally on the right path when it questions the true motives of Americans for invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Cuba, Nicaragua, Panama, the Phiippines, Mexico, Canada and numerous other countries during its short history as a world power. Thos emotives, far from being its professed motives of spreading democracy and republican values, are those of military industrial complex determined to dominate the world and exploit its resources for the benefit of a small minority of Americans who owns the wealth of the US and exerts economic, military and political power in the US.

The book begins with the documentation of the exploitation of First Nations, Black Americans and poor White Americans by a small power elite, founded by the landed gentry of Virginia and the merchant class of Massachusetts, Philadelphia and New York. It explains the root cause of racism in the US and the deeply ingrained desire for war mongering in the American psyche. It explains why the positino of commander-in-chief has greater importance to American voters than the position of president and why the primary qualifications for the job of president is successful war mongering. The author takes its readers through the complicit aid of England and France in enabling the US to dominate the continent and how failure of European cooperation and two disatrous World Wars in the twentieth century enabled the US to dominate the world. The author also explains how and why the US media supports the domestic and world wide propaganda which conditions people, especially Americans, to believe the lies of American governments and reject all objective criticisms of US war mongering, commission war crimes around the world, overthrowing of democratically elected governments, installation of ruthless dictators, the spreading of global terrorism and the arming and military training of terrorists. The widely held naivety that the US believes in freedom of the press, free speech and peaceful expression of dissent, makes it difficult, if not impossible to convince people of the ruthless methods used by the US and its military might to crush worldwide democratic dissent.

About the Author

Rocky Mirza was born in the English colony of Guyana. As the third oldest of 12 children he was forced to end his formal education at 14 to supplement the family income with a full time job at the post office. Rocky emigrated to London at the age of 18. The transition from rural life in a Third World country to life in one of the world's major metropolis' was surprisingly easy. Rocky worked briefly in the British civil service as an executive officer after completing his secondary education through a combination of distance education and evening classes. Three years employment in London qualified Rocky for a municipal grant which financed his undergraduate honours degree from London University.

Rocky returned to Guyana to work as an economist with the Ministry of Economic Development and teach part-time at the University of Guyana. He was disillusioned with Guyana's slow pace of economic development and emigrated to Canada. A teaching assistantship financed his Ph.D. in economics at Simon Fraser University. He joined the economics faculty of Thompson Rivers University in 1980. He has co-authored both a Principles of Microeconomics and a Principles of Macroeconomics textbook.