So You Want to be a Prayer Counsellor

by Elvira Burkwood



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/3/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 472
ISBN : 9781425170080

About the Book

This is a specialist’s handbook for use in Christian counselling by those who range from the beginner practitioner, right through to the seasoned therapist. The practicalities are supplied – from office systems to instructions for in-depth ministry. Insights are given into some of the challenges and joys of prayer ministry combined with formal counselling.

This text’s point of difference is its biographical seasoning. Intriguing fictitious characters provide entertaining testimonials, sprinkled throughout as sample casework to introduce topics. The author’s forthright, and real-life testimonies of her own spiritual walk and healing are included for the reader’s interest.

A counsellor and educator, she has liberally made use of graphic illustrations of her own design, tested and proven for effectiveness on the coalface. A variety of ministry styles and therapeutic techniques are offered to suit the academic practitioner as well as the intensely spiritual hands-on personality type. Resource topics range from faulty thinking habits and damaged emotions to deliverance and suicide prevention.

Specific information on procedure provides structure for co-operative, anointed, interaction between client and counsellor. Teachings are biblically based and supported by relevant scriptures. This publication is basically directed to those who have a passion for encouraging fellow believers in their spiritual walk.

About the Author

The author has spent over 30 years in pastoral care, counselling, training, and in small business. As well as holding secular credentials in professional counselling, she is acknowledged as being accomplished in combining spiritual ‘inner healing techniques’ with conventional therapeutic practices. Through experiences in overcoming personal physical, emotional, mental and cognitive disabilities, she feels ‘qualified’ to offer hope to fellow sufferers. Persistently knocking on hardened hearts and nursing tender souls, she continues to specialize in ministering to those of the Christian faith. Her passionate interest in providing practical resources for other healers has led to her writings and illustrations.