A Tale from the Trunk

No. 4 called Yum! Yum!

by Anna-Luise Neher



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/17/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8 x 6
Page Count : 16
ISBN : 9781425187019

About the Book

A fly, a bee, a hare, a bear, a mouse and a deer are talking about their observations made by sneaking into a huge grocery store at night. The elephant and sun are observers amazed at the discoveries of this group while they are unable to experience these visits with them. The elephant is very sad that he is too big to join the others. But he and the sun are also amazed at the adventures the six have. Every animal has adventures of their own yet they are having a lot of fun doing this. They all would like to have a store to go to for their need of various foods. It seems odd to them that food is being sold for cats and dogs but nothing for them. In the end the elephant is happy that at least he was able to hear about everything. He hopes that the next time the six meet they will choose the subject of music so he too can participate in the discussion and give his opinion.

About the Author

Anna-Luise Neher was born in Germany. She graduated from the Pestalozzi-Fröbel Haus in Berlin and was a kindergarten teacher for four years. The children belonged to British officers stationed in Germany at that time. After that Ms. Neher attended the Berlitz Language School in Freiburg, Germany with a major in English. In 1959 Ms. Neher moved to America and has worked as a secretary for many years in different parts of the country. She has been very active in Toastmasters International and has presented many short stories which has helped her to achieve the level of the ATM-Gold. The animals and the sun used in the book are photographs of the finger-puppets designed and used by Ms Neher when presenting the original story of "A Tale from the Trunk" as a little play.