Ms. Flitter-Flutter

by Bonnie G. Molloy



Book Details

Language :
Publication Date : 11/18/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8x10
Page Count : 20
ISBN : 9781426915871

About the Book

This is the third Nature’s Secrets learning story. It takes place in the fall. Widdle Waddle Turtle is the first book of the series. It takes place in the spring. The Big Duck, the second book, takes place in the summer. Three grandchildren, Isabelle, Elliott, and Ellie, pretend that they are nature detectives solving science principles and facts about hummingbirds in a lake community. A new learning concept is being developed using a question in bold capital letters followed by the word, clue. This gives a signal to turn to the last page of the story for supplementary material. The word, clue, refers to what the nature detectives are trying to solve. An interactive relationship with the reader occurs when a question is inserted in RED print. The science questions involve erosion, instinct, migration, and food for hummingbirds. There is also a solvable secret-code message on the kitchen chalkboard. A secondary mystery entails what the yummy smell is coming from the kitchen. Using our oldest grandchild’s artwork makes MS. FLITTER-FLITTER unique. The painted hummingbirds on the front cover and the three sketches on the back cover have been created by Brenda Radford. She has completely illustrated my first three inspirational books.

About the Author

As a retired elementary educator with a deep love of science, I truly believe that this book is needed as an important teaching tool for all ages. It’s not often that an author is able to record true-to-life science observations whether living in Indiana or in Arizona all winter long. This is my third book using a simple question and answer format promoting easy learning. It also includes a PLEDGE for children to take for hummingbirds’ welfare and survival in nature. Not only am I attempting to teach about nature, I want children to know about the spiritual part of life. My latest book, WHEN THE ROCK ROCKED, is in the process of being published for next spring. It will enlighten a child's mind about the JOY and BEAUTIES of Easter! This new book joins three other Fiction/Inspirational children's books! I feel qualified to present this book due to my extensive study of the Bible through an international study program named BSF.