The Inner Yoga of Happiness




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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/13/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781425176761

About the Book

Why do we do what we do? Isn’t everything we do, ultimately, to bring us happiness? Think about it. All our planning, all our actions, all our manipulations, all our accumulations, are so that we can just be happy. When we get what we want, really, how long does it last? Is there a way that we can be happy all the time? The drive to fulfill our desires, in practice, does not bring us lasting happiness; so, what can we do?

There is one practice that is most essential in revealing the bliss of the Self—and that is meditation. This is the fundamental practice of mystics in all cultures that shows us the happiness that lies just behind the mind and shines its joyous radiance when the mind is at peace. If we will just spend some time every day in this sublime equanimity, we will get everything.

The traditional path to the inner yoga of happiness, which is taught in yoga philosophy (Advaita Vedanta), is simply the practice of meditation. In this practice, we distill the inner caprice of thought down to simple stillness. As we get longer stretches of this stillness, we become acquainted with the fullness of our essential being. In this fullness arises spontaneous joy, contentment, and wisdom. This is the happiness that is always there in every moment.

This book is a journal of clues along the way in the pursuit of enduring inner happiness, independent of outer circumstances.

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About the Author

The author has taught meditation and yoga philosophy for twenty five years; and has been trained extensively by Buddhist, Sufi and Siddha masters in India and the United States. Education in the sciences has brought a measure of empiricism to the appreciation of eastern philosophy. Thus, in the text of this journal you will find the practices, and orientation to meditation, driven by the veracity of the author’s own experience.