Boomers and Others Fitness




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/10/2001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 154
ISBN : 9781552127308

About the Book

A one-stop shop book for all you need to "get fit" including (strength training complete with pictures, nutrition, supplements, cardio, injuries and more). This information is for all of you who are 20-90 and also includes special sections on tips for the Baby Boomer Generation. As well as regaining your vitality, energy, vigor and lust for life, you are ensuring you will be leading a healthy lifestyle well into the new millennium where statistics show we are going to live longer than we ever thoughtÑhow does 70-100 years sound? Are you going to be fit or just living? Now is the time to start!

You won't need another book unless the basic principals are changed and the world changes as we know it! I wrote this book so that it did not read like your favorite dictionary but more on the light side, so you can pick it up and put it down and start again without having to start all over. However, don't mistake this book as being light on the information side, it contains all you need and more.

I would like all you out there reading the book to take to heart its essential overriding message which is, one of hope, that each of us can reach our goal no matter our personal fitness level is no matter our age and no matter what our life experiences have taught us to date.

About the Author

The author was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the heart of the oil and gas industry and cattle ranches in Canada, the American equivalent of Texas, where after one too many snow falls, he moved to beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, an island off the BC coast and our answer to LaLa land. It is truly a city where cultures of all kinds abound. It is everywhere and after several years, I began to succumb to the siren call (very dramatic-eh!). Now, in addition to writing, I have begun to try my hand at painting, God, what next?

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