God Is Speaking - Are You Listening? My Story

by Steven W. Raasumaa



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/11/2002

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 214
ISBN : 9781412248730
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 214
ISBN : 9781553696902

About the Book

In July 1998, GOD approached a man, to assist GOD and channel his will into the written word. This book is the result of that conversation. GOD is responsible for the flow, topics and discussions. The man simply wrote what GOD spoke and what thoughts he received. "GOD is speaking - Are you listening? My Story" is GOD'S full disclosure to his human family, including his laws of Life and Death. He speaks to Steve as a friend. That is, a friend of GOD'S, chosen by GOD. The fact that anyone would be allowed to hear his voice is astonishing. In this day and age of miracles, is it so far fetched not to believe? He speaks to Steve of his world...Heaven. He speaks of his Love for his human family. GOD tells it like he sees it. No soft touch, no political correctness, just the plain truth, GOD'S Truth. July 5th 1998 4:00 P.M. I AM the GOD of ALL. The reason for this writing is that the stories I AM about to unfold to you, through my friend Steve, are stories to teach, inspire and to create hope. Hope, in that when you greet me in my Heavenly Kingdom, you will have a better understanding, appreciation and moral imperatives, necessary to the alleviation of your guilt. I AM in the world as a spirit of Love, hope, divine inspiration and most of all understanding. I have tried to conquer you, and your fears, by sending messengers to your world, Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jesus the Christ. I have been alive 50 million of your Earth years and the stories I AM about to tell you are just one of many, told countless times in my Kingdom.

About the Author

Steve is a Friend of GOD. He is the only one allowed to channel Jehovah directly. Yes I AM is writing this about Steve because he would NOT write about himself. BESIDES…I AM THE AUTHOR…GOD. You should see how he struggles with the typing. To those who read this, may you feel born again. To those who read this and feel new, fresh and revitalized…Bless you. The best is yet to come. I have channeled another full volume of information to Steve that goes into the glorious difference between women and men. I ALSO SHARE THE ESSENCE OF HOW TO THINK. I teach you how to better teach your young, in reading, writing and arithmetic. We talk about new and exciting sports to create, and My Angels role in every one’s life. I AM not even scratching the surface of all I can teach. I have even explained how to build equipment to watch OUR television broadcasts from Heaven. YES, FROM HEAVEN. So now you decide. Do you buy this book and tell others about it? Or do you ignore the ALMIGHTY. I guess I can count on this being a best seller, because I would not have told you, or written all I have, if I did not already know your response. I LOVE YOU TOO. Thanks Steve. Let’s get busy with book 2. Thanks my friend, you did well. Love, Jehovah - GOD of all. Note from Steve I am not a typist. That is a fact. You the reader would have had the book sooner but I am extremely slow at editing. I must have gone through the editing of this at least 150 times, over the past several years to get this published. I did what they and GOD asked me to do in preparing it for you. THE WORDS are EXACTLY the way I heard them. The rest took TIME. HE wanted you to get the TOTAL message. He said, To start them thinking in new and different ways. That is why we are doing this book. GOD Bless everyone who reads this and BELIEVES. There is more to come, much, much, much more. Amen.