Journey Into Awe

by Edward McGuinness



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/4/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x9
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781553697992

About the Book

The author is a Catholic priest who has had experience in teaching and social work as well as parish ministry. What he writes about is intended for the widest possible cross section of the community. He is as eager to avoid moralizing as he is to share his insights. Very often these reflections challenge a narrow concept of belief and encourage us to have a wider vision. We 'journey into awe' when we begin to see that everything is relevant to our relationship with God. The author would argue that not only is everyone called to this deeper way of life but that in fact the majority of people are living a spiritual life without realizing it. These reflections will deepen our awareness of this truth.

The book s divided into four sections. The first two provide insights from reading the gospels and from approaching God in prayer. Section three raises questions we may have in the course of our journey towards personal fulfilment. The last section contains short stories or vignettes from everyday life, written in dialogue form. Be assured that the poetic reflections contain none of the difficulties often associated with the reading of modern poetry. These stories and verses make for easy reading, yet often their message is quite profound. Since each reflection is unique the verses and vignettes may be read (and hopefully re-read!) in any order.

About the Author

Father Ed McGuinness was born of Irish parents in Glasgow, Scotland on June 2nd, 1930. He answered the call of Bishop Straling to come to the newly-established diocese of San Bernadino, where he has worked in various parishes for the last twenty years.
As well as acting as pastor he has had experience in social work and in teaching high school. His special interest is the spirituality of St Therese of Lisieux.
He is currently the pastor of St Elizabeth of Hungary parish in Desert Hot Springs, California.



"Journey Into Awe is an experience of the Catholic Faith that these prosaic times are much in need of. Father McGuinness has chosen poetic imagery to convey his experiences and cherished beliefs, and that poetry reveals a man deeply imbued with the Gospel, a man who seeks to conform himself to the Christ in whose person his vocation demands he stand before the Christian community.
In their simplicity these poems readliy reach the heart of the reader, leading in their subtlety to a deeper experience of the Catholic faith. In these times, when the Catholic experience is so often rendered in the form of the business balance sheet, the sociologist's analysis, or the theologian's obtuse language, "Journey Into Awe" comes as a breath of fresh air, a reminder that the roots of our faith grow deep in the human heart, which finds its best expression in the poem. Journey Into Awe is a book for anyone looking to encounter Christ in his or her own heart."

Steve Barrie
Newspaper Reporter


"This is a book written by one who truly sees the world through the lens of understanding, compassion, love and a sense of hope for humanity, no matter the religious persuasion of the reader. The choice of poems and verses underscores the universality and secularity of its content.
It's a book that should be read by everyone."

Jack Lyons
Entertainment & Theatre Reviewer
Desert Post Weekly
Palm Springs


"What an inspiring spiritual little book! It was a delight to read and contemplate upon its poems and vignettes. I was deeply moved by the many theological poems as well as the everyday poems. This book contains an abundance of different subjects from bible reflections to stories about Hell's Angels. I look forward to buying many copies to give to my friends and relatives."

Ellen Voight
Parish book reviewer