Great Insights on Human Creativity

Transforming the Way We Live, Work, Educate, Lead, and Relate




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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/12/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.25x8.25
Page Count : 432
ISBN : 9781553951162

About the Book

Great Insights on Human Creativity is a treasury of timeless creativity wit and wisdom, gleaned from the world’s best known thinkers, past and contemporary. This and the next four volumes bring together over 5,000 enlightening and paradigm-shifting insights on the modern crises and the human prospect. The insights are arranged thematically by the issues they address and synthesized for the wisdom they provide for: a) resolving many of the psychological, social, economic, and political challenges facing humanity; and b) building a world society in which everybody is able to develop and to contribute his or her particular set of abilities. Key highlights of the book are: Authentic and radically new understanding of human nature – Homo Creativus© – that is bound to fundamentally and permanently impact the way we perceive ourselves, organize society, and conduct affairs. Transformative perspective on education, work, management, leadership, governance, parenting, and human development which (perspective) is absolutely critical if we are to be able to re-align human affairs with our authentic, quintessentially creative nature and, thus, ensure both the success and long-term viability of our actions and, ultimately, the survival of modern civilization.

About the Author

Dr. Efiong Etuk is a leading creativity scholar, writer, and consultant. Proponent of "The Right to Be Creative" and a global creativity-consciousness, he speaks and writes extensively on strategies for building creativity-friendly and, therefore, humanly more fulfilling families, schools, workplaces, institutions, and national societies.

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