Mark (an adventure in poetry and photography)




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/2/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 54
ISBN : 9781553955405

About the Book

In the author's words, "This book is a combination of poetry and photography. All poems were written over a period of eight years. All photographs were taken over the same period of time. The book is an external and internal quest.
A quest for answers about things I do not agree with or sometimes do not understand. It is also a quest to celebrate my appreciation for places and people that I have come across in my lifetime. It is a combination of moments I have caught on film and emotions written about them.

I love to travel. When traveling, the places I visit and the people who live there inspire me. I usually write about a place after I leave it. I try to absorb all a place has to offer. Sometimes I write the poems when I am there because an overwhelming desire to write down my emotions takes over me. There are also poems in this book that question all the emotions that we all feel at different times, Where and Seek are two such poems. Some poems are just for fun and others are to question some things we do and support as human beings.

This book also contains several poems that are written for specific people in my life. My father was a big influence on the man I have become. Unfortunately, I lost him while travelling in Europe over seven years ago. In the moment, Thinking of you, and Presence are just three out of several poems I have written for my father. There is also a poem about death, which was a result of losing him and other people I loved during my life. The poem Gone is dedicated to a good friend who died unexpectedly of cancer.

About the Author

"I am thirty years old. Originally from Queens, New York. I own a business that fabricates scenery for television, trade shows, music videos, stores and events. I was an advertising major in college and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I have several loves in my life. Women, traveling, exercising, writing, socializing, and photography. I have been lucky enough to have traveled to many places, all of Europe, the Caribbean, and most of North America. I have been writing this book for some time now and will be glad to see it published."