Daily Success




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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/22/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 238
ISBN : 9781553952268

About the Book

Gaining success in life is every person's dream. Success, in our definition, means to finish college, find a decent job, drive a new car, get a promotion, receive a regular handsome salary, set up one's own business, raise a family, build a new house, and enjoy life to the fullest.

We realize, however, that attaining success is not that simple. There are challenges, obstacles, and uncertainties to face. There are important choices to make. Oftentimes, one wrong choice, the product of a misguided mind and heart, is enough to make one's life miserable. We don't want that to happen. We all desire to make right choices.

This legitimate need propels us to seek guidance. No one wants to be misguided. Many, sad to say, are seeking direction in the wrong places. The popularity of horoscope, tarot card reading, and psychics reveals one side of the situation to us. But, do they provide an enduring sense of security? We need something that will inspire us to press on daily.

For this reason, a devotional book was conceptualized to give much-needed guidance and inspiration to individuals on a daily basis. Thus, DAILY SUCCESS came into being. It offers 12 inspiring articles and more than 350 life-enhancing precepts.

It is specially written and designed for easy reading. Filled with a timely message of timeless wisdom, DAILY SUCCESS will guide and encourage the reader/seeker in his search for values that will help him attain true and enduring personal success.

Reader's Comments

"I find it very encouraging to anyone who reads it. I've been hoping for these words of encouragement. It really motivates me to press on."
-- Al Rillera, Chilliwack BC

"It's great! It certainly has put down nuggets of truth to hold on and to think about."
-- Wynn Cross, Los Angeles CA

"This book is truly inspired and inspiring: a rich source of spiritual upliftment. It equips me and spurs me on to live an upright and successful life."
-- Christine Uy, Toronto ON

"I love the idea of day-to-day precept. It helps to mold me one day at a time."
-- Faridah Condes, Sydney NSW

"..articulate and concise...Very down to earth, easy to understand, and hits home."
A. G., San Francisco CA

"I can see why the publisher would be faced with many, many orders!"
K. Parker, Toronto ON

About the Author

With more than 15 years of experience in teaching, guiding, and counseling individuals from all walks of life -- in schools, prisons, churches, offices, homes, and communities, ROM SILVESTRE is convinced that there is a necessity for daily guidance and inspiration.

To meet this particular need, he committed himself to embrace and to act on a divine idea. With faith that what he writes today will be read by thousands tomorrow, he made a decision to pursue a writing ministry for God's glory. With this end in mind, he is able to reach a great number of souls at any given time.

He has been writing inspirational materials since 1995 for the purpose of meeting the people's need for guidance... for the formation of right values ... for character development... for motivation to make the right choices... and for empowerment to attain success in life. The fruit of his initial effort is the inspirational/devotional book DAILY SUCCESS.

The author's fervent desire is to help individuals discover the true source of personal success.