Divine Sex

Liberating Sex from Religious Tradition

by Philo Thelos



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/23/2003

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 334
ISBN : 9781412209922
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 334
ISBN : 9781553954002

About the Book

Divine Sex examines every Biblical reference to human sexual practice. By using tools of modern scholarship, evidence is produced to show that the Bible does not actually say what generations of professional religionists have told us. The Bible does not forbid all sexual activity other than monogamous heterosexual intercourse. Instead it treats us to a wide range of God-approved, and sometimes even God-supplied, sexual possibilities that the church has never told us about. In fact, the most famous erotic poem in history, is actually a book of the Bible!

God is the Architect both of human sexuality, and of sexual pleasure. The passion, pleasure and possibilities of sex are His gift to humanity. Like any proud parent, Father God is pleased and honored when His kids delight in His gift/ God made sex to be fun. He is not embarrassed nor is He angered when we enjoy it. Sex as God designed it to be is truly Divine.

From polygamy and concubinage, to prostitution, to masturbation, to oral sex, to nudity - and all else besides - this study of what the Bible actually says, and does not say, will surprise, perhaps elate, and we believe will liberate the reader from the sex-stifling effects of church dogma.

Sex without religious baggage. Sex without guilt and shame. Sex as the Creator meant it to be. Divine Sex.

For more information on spiritual freedom visit the author's website, www.freedomguide.net

About the Author

The author is a Seminary graduate (B.Th.), licensed and ordained to the Pastorate by three Christian organizations, and a full time minister in the Christian Church for 36 years. His first 18 years of ministry were with the Church of Christ. Since 1984 he has ministered in both "mainline" Evangelical churces and independent Charismatic churches. He recently retired to devote his time to writing.

The author and his wife have been married 39 years, raising three daughters and enjoying 10 grandchildren. They both have devote themselves all their married life to religious work and promotion of the gospel of Christ.

For 36 years the author employed the modern tools of scholarly Biblical research, to an expository (contextual, verse by verse explanation) approach to both Bible study and preaching. Such study produced frequent discovery that the Bible does not say what he had been trained to believe about many things. In fact, he discovered quite frequently the Bible says the very opposite of what he had been taught. This was especially true regarding the subject of sex. Many modern sexual taboos are founded not on actual Biblical statements but rather, on human opinion and church tradition. The result of his study on human sexuality was so liberating for him and his wife, and for the few with whom he had the opportunity to share his findings, that he decided the information must be published. Hence this book.

The author says, "I believe that the average Christian will welcome this book. Not because they are sex-crazed perverts-in-waiting, but because they are honest people who share in common a natural, God-given passion for sex that has been choked off by centuries of ill-founded church traditions. They will know the truth of this book as it bears witness with their spirit."