Mind Games of Trading




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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/5/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781553954903

About the Book

Today's trading environment has never been beset by so many imponderables. The continuing poor performance and high charges of fund managers have sprouted a huge growth in go it alone investors enticed by small capital investment and the flexibility of trading their own accounts through boutique operations offering trading platforms that execute and contract instantly.

The financial rewards can be immense but as soon as you embark on trading your own account and enter the trading arena you will feel a run of emotions that will and can greatly affect your whole well being and the profitability of your trading account.

How to keep control? How to succeed in the trading arena? To be one of the elusive 10% winners club rather than the 90% loser's club in which retail investors find themselves in. How to get and keep the trading edge? How to manage your account effectively and profitably. To be alerted to all the pitfalls that destroy not only a trader's confidence but his trading account too. To learn how to be a master of your trades not a slave to them

The answer lies in the Mind Games of Trading. It's written by a market veteran, with over 27 years of front line trading experience, who gives a clear insight into the trading arena for all those interested in getting the best performance out of their trading. In it you will find the same performance-boosting techniques and psychological trading improvement program used by the world's top traders to keep them successful at the top.

If you are seriously interested in succeeding in the trading arena and by that I mean making profitable trades while remaining calm and focussed, then this book is a must read for you.

About the Author

Stephen Mepstead's career in the derivatives industry dates back to 1975. He has witnessed "many a killing" and "many killed" in the trading arena. Consequently his years of experience have taught him first hand that the markets and their players hold no prisoners. He was introduced into the exciting and quick thinking world of the Commodity Exchange. Thrown in at the deep end, it was a question of sink or swim as he experienced life as a cocoa trader. Swim he did. He then moved onto Base Metals where during the 1987 crash, he and his team traded over 20% of all volume that day which marked one of the busiest days of that decade in volume and market turmoil. He has actively participated in some of the major market events of the last two decades and his ability to switch to liquid and "in vogue" markets has resulted in his trading of bonds, equities, futures and currencies to date. He has worked for the power houses of the day: well-known billion dollar capitalised companies such as EF Hutton, Drexel Burnham Lambert and Dean Witter Reynolds, at the latter he was also appointed director. He set up his own full carrying S.F.A. regulated City of London firm, Stephen Mepstead Ltd, before being appointed in 1993, through to 2001, as trading advisor and consultant to M.A.M. He was a member of the A.F.B.D. (City of London financial regulatory body) at its inception in 1988, and then the S.F.A, right up to date with the F.S.A. to December 2001. He has continued to develop trading systems, which are adapted to the needs and requirements of an international clientele base. In addition, he has continued to develop his intra day system 'CAME' in conjunction with market analysis, business economics and lecture on the art of trading.