Science and Religion, The Continuing Conflict, Book Two

by B Elliott



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/31/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 266
ISBN : 9781553957881

About the Book

"I have always belived in a creator but I never could prove same.It is so great to understand and know the answers to enough of the questions that I can now really say I do believe and know why.What a relief and pleasent feeling. I can not explain my excitment! After 40 years of confusion and constant stress, my life has taken on a totally new meaning of truthful belief. Reading these two books has changed my life."
Beth Jennings, Washington, DC

"The class before us recomended Book Two and Book One and we were not disapointed; both books provided information that was needed to answer the profs test questions on creation.The books were very exciting and very straightforward. I never realized I would some day be confronted with such a clear explanation of Creation. I could write forever but you can find out for your self by reading the books. They are very uplifting and excitingly to the point!"
Jim Ragan, Dallas, Texas

"The most intellegent explanation of creation I have read! I truly believe that the subjects used (astrology, biology,embryology,physics and so forth) are expertly used and the excerpts from each area are used exactly where they should be.I have never read a more straight forward book! The author is very convincing and his explanations are very believable.Our research class has backed up all of the writers statements.It is not an easy book to read but we certainly did not expect it to be.We are looking forward to reading his other books. "
A reader, St. Louis, Missouri

SCIENCE AND RELIGION, THE CONTINUING CONFLICT, BOOK TWO is a collection of information relative to the creation of the Earth, our Solar System, and the Universe, also human creation, genetics, theology, and numerous other related subjects.

The author pulls this information together gracefully with a touch of quantum physics, genetics, astronomy, astrobiology, theology, and other sciences. He is able to give the reader a clear, concise, factual, and understandable direction to creation and the universe, his understanding of related theology and the search for a creator; also, the relationship of the two subjects in question. He finds the answer to both the questions and this makes the conclusion of Book Two a mind-blowing surprise.

About the Author

The author's degrees and formal background in the medical sciences, biological sciences, and education certainly qualify him to write on the subjects contained in this book.

His research in theology and astrobiology alone over the last 45 years have enabled him to express and draw on a wealth of information related to the subjects presented.

His adventuresome travels and explorations during his life are truly first-hand experiences, and his intense studies of world culture have added unbelievable insight to his writings.

His writings are educationally challenging and expressed in a straightforward fashion based on factual and theoretical solutions to the problems which mankind faces on a daily basis. This author is not the type to leave you wondering where he stands on a particular subject, nor is he one to leave you wondering why he believes the way he does.

His statements will cause you to reread, and, in some cases, research particular areas of interest, but most of the time you will find the answers to your questions in the very next sentence or chapter.

This published author has nothing to prove to himself concerning his beliefs in religion or science since he has reached his conclusions on both subjects and is waiting on additional factual information, which could possibly strengthen or change his beliefs. Obviously he is open-minded and does base his beliefs on facts, new information, and the world of change, which surround us all.

He will give you facts and information beyond your belief, and with an open mind, you will soon be able to reach your own conclusions on the particular questions and subjects at hand. He is not trying to make you change your religious beliefs or have you become a scientist, agnostic, or atheist but you will soon have the necessary information to understand Creation and the existence or non-existence of a Deity. Even if you do not reach your own conclusions, you will be better informed than you were before you read his books.

The author's exposure to life and the world as a child and adult was extremely varied since his family's travels and his exposure to various cultures was continuous.

The author's varied education has given him the knowledge and understanding to deal realistically with many different subjects with an open mind. Opinionated, sometimes you bet, if he has reached a decision based on facts he has studied and researched; however, he is able to change his opinion if new facts warrant change.

Remember, and open your mind before you open your mouth. You should read and be prepared for some real mental challenges.