It's Too Late Now What!




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/23/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8x10
Page Count : 186
ISBN : 9781553957973

About the Book

Somewhere out there-way out there, somewhere between Buddha and the last of the wild places, this book came to life. In today's terms it might be called a cyber dropout manual. It revisits mankind's sixth sense. Nobody gets left out. Nothing is sacred. Political correctness is boring. Welcome back to the natural world for an end-of-the-world party. A party that kicks out electronic drugs and avoids the hangover.

More than three hundred single panel cartoons, several soul-moving essays, a goodly mix of profound poetry from outer space and inner sanctities. This collection is something trippily unique in the way of mirrors for a modern mankind. Well traveled, very hip philosophic Zen humor-with American Taoist roots. Entwines the human galaxy into a soulful dunking with the wise and timeless Starman-who appears as protagonist with delightful unexpectedness. We are constantly elated at the potentials for coming home to no more progress.

Prof Shenandoah's daily cartoons create an intriguing philosophic diary of sorts. The artwork is created in a blindfold mind tradition-pure Zen, silent senses Tao. Each drawing is a one-time, no corrections allowed, shot at the bullseye of instinctive wisdom.

Challenging, non-conformist philosophy at its finest. It's our invitation to contemplate our potentials in a post-cyber lifeway, a personally fashionable peace in the guts of our own true being. It's the nearest thing to having a 'how to' handbook that transcends bibles, bayonets and bullshit. No more "going forward" on another system's lieing, two-faced treadmill. This book stops here as it goes everywhere. You may be the next winner to hook up with the vast potential lurking in the improbability of it all. Laughter prevails. Love is everywhere.

The author is thankful for the inspiration of Joan Baez, Doonsbury, Pogo by Walt Kelly, J. Krishnamurti, Benjamin Hoff, James Lowen, Robert Heideman, C.S. Lewis, Cat Stevens, J.K. Rowling, Douglas Adams, Thomas Paine, The Counselors, Moody Blues, Asterix & Obelix, Luky Luke, T.C. McLuen, Madam & Eve, Richard Bach, Baba Ram Dass, Idries Shah, Lao Tse, Tim Lowe, Zen Flesh-Zen Bones, York Minster, Levi, Andy Wilson, Charlie Chaplin, Stephen Souder, Eric Friedman, John Steinbeck, Chateau St. Ambroise, Deep River Jim, Robin Hood, Kalil Gibran, Geshe Thubten Norbu, Johnny Coyne, Uncle Cosmo, The Nullarbor Ravens, Mt. St. Helens, Art Buchwald and Karl Hass.

About the Author

Prof Shenandoah is the first person in world history to elevate 'strategic wandering' to the level of full academic credit and acclaim.

His multifarious careers have included landscape architecture, advertising & design strategy, environmental guru and spiritual advisor, international art dealer, social critic and visionary.

He has intimately studied every state in America-been present, since 1935, for The Great Depression, World War Two, the eruption of Mount St. Helens, his own rebirths in California, Kansas, Hawaii, France, Australia & Kathmandu.

The humor in human folly is the palette for Prof Shenandoah's pen-as he daringly interfaces people with the potentials for their own souls, in poetic visits with natural realms of blatant simplicity.

In fact, he's all ours-our reward for daring to laugh at what we already know, way down deep in the sublime bliss of our chuckling selves.

When he isn't drawing at his studio in central France, he may be prowling about the nearest remote reaches of the American West or Australia's brazen Outback.