Inspirations on my Journey




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/24/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781412000444

About the Book

A book that brings every page to life. An interior and exterior journey involving all the senses. A visual fantasy of sights, sounds, tastes and scents, as well as a personal and illuminating encounter into ones innermost feelings, desires, inspirations and experiences. It will capture you and entice you. It will take the reader on a most delightful and moving ride. Each page embodies all the creativity, all the passion, beauty and spiritual avenues within each of us. For all those deep thinkers and people who simply enjoy poetry, this book is one that you will want to read again and again and also add to your collection.

About the Author

Cheryl Lynn DeVieau was born in a small town in Iowa.At an early age she moved out west and grew up in various parts of California. She spent her days particularly enjoying drawing, horseback riding with friends, writing and looking at the many Art books in the Library. She majored in English in High School and also studied in Drama and Theatre Arts and did some Stage and Costume Design. She has worked in Publicity for Films and also as a Production Assistant. Her love for animals also makes her an avid supporter of Animal Rights and the Organization PETA. At the age of twelve she had some of her first poetry submitted and printed in a Family Circle Magazine. She still resides in Southern California.

"If we can believe in ourselves and know with certainty how wonderful and special we are and that nothing is beyond our reach, then we can look to tomorrow with fresh hope, new insight, trust, and forever and always, have a vision and follow your dreams."

-Cheryl DeVieau