Perceptions of Reality - An Exploration of Consciousness

by Gregory Calise



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/27/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 120
ISBN : 9781553956617

About the Book

Although we are all living in the same world, we are simultaneously each living in our own seperate universe, where each person observes himself as the center of that universe. Each person has a unique conditioning and belief structure that create his perspective in which he views reality. The world than interfaces witheach person to create a reality that conforms to his beliefs. A person's conditioning and beliefs affect his attitudes and emotions, which then magnetize certain energies that resonate to his state of being. In this way each individual is creating a seperate reality according to his perceptions of truth. What we percieve as reality is only the surface of a much deeper and greater truth. Beyond the apparent world lies the essence of life and a vast kingdom of hidden knowledge.

Our conditioning and beliefs bind us to a certain perspective in which we view our reality. Perceptions of Reality show us how we can break free of the bondage of our conditioning that holds us in a life of mediocrity. When we become free from this bondage, we can change our perspective, which in turn, changes our perceptions. From a highter perspective we can see the larger picture of our lives and the world. We will see the circumstances that have created our present reality, and the relationships of events and experiences that were previously beyond our horizons of perception. From this higher perspective we will perceive the world in a new light. It will change brfore our eyes and interface with us in a new and more positive way. We will be able to take control of our lives, change our destiny and shape a new future. From this higher state of awareness, we will discover the portal to access the abstract mind, which is the mental function of genius and the doorway to revelation.

From the perspective of revelation, we will open the doors into the absolute realms, beyond material time and space, and describes the perceptions of God, the soul, the world, and the paths to higher consciousness. Perceptions of Reality will show us how to access the abstract mind and open the doorways into revelation, creating a new reality, full of abundance, harmony and joy.

About the Author

Gregory Calise has experienced many variations of life in his search for truth. He has spent fifteen years living overseas in six countries and has traveled through twenty-five countries. He has worked in a variety of occupations, ranging from corporate, personnel and sales management to architecture, ceramics, art, cooking and teaching yoga.
Gregory has researched most religious doctrines, and he has practiced Christianity, Tibetan and Zen Bhuddism, Vedanta, Vaishnavism, Shamanism, and New Age philosophies. He has lived in Monasteries, gone on pilgrimages, lectured extensively on yoga and lived in the secular community. By experiencing the many paths of life and over thirty years of practicing meditation, contemplation, observation, and devotion, he has received several revelations and has been able to shift his perspective to a higher state of consciousness. From this higher perspective of consciousness the larger picture of reality is perceived, where one can discern the truth from the distortions.