Ribald Tales of Guyana Vol.2




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/9/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x7
Page Count : 223
ISBN : 9781553697039

About the Book

This second set of truly ribald tales, like the first set (Ribald Tales of Yesterdecade), is not intended for children! Nor is it recommended for adults who have already ascended into the righteous cocoon of easily shocked respectability. It is intended for thinking adults whose ability to fantasize and be heretical still enjoys free reign, whom ribaldry does not faze, and who can still enjoy the discomfort of fiction sailing close to the wind of the unrealism of truth. Mentally mature adolescents will be fascinated! The fascination to which I refer is not likely to be restricted to Guyanese, nor to those who are familiar with Guyana. Yet, the tales themselves are inspired by past and present events in Guyana, and by the cultural paradoxes of Guyana; including particularly those deriving from Guyana's rich ethnic diversity, and from the reactions of ordinary citizens and politicians in the context of Guyana. Guyana, like all societies, is an example of a complex adaptive system, with all agents in the society reacting to each other, to events outside Guyana, and to the perceived imperatives of survival in an unpredictable non-benign world driven by genes and memes.

About the Author

The author is a former Deputy Prime Minister, Planning and Development, who demitted office in 1991, after a quarter of a century of intimate involvement in problems of development in a newly independent multi-ethnic third world country. His formal training was as a mathmetician and economist at graduate and post-graduate levels, and he currently works on problems of governance and constitutional change in Guyana.