Love Et Al




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/5/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8x10
Page Count : 158
ISBN : 9781553950806

About the Book

Love is not monochromatic. In fact it is so colorful.
The boundary to love, and act love becomes invisible.
It is not easy to define love because of the intricacies that it creates.
But love in its foolishness confounds even the wisest of all truth.
And we learn that the crazy things we do, are the simplest ways to express the unfathomable meaning of love.

Love is illustrated in this book through carves and dashes.
The book focuses NOT on the melodramatic familiarity of affection. But it brings about in each one's heart the simple mundane experiences that we always tend to neglect when flooded with the different facets and faces of Love.
The free flow verses of the Author's poetry were brilliantly matched by the Artist's extra ordinary imagination behind the lyrical lines. The Author and the Artist hope to bring love, warmth, humor and softness to readers.
The caricatures tell stories within stories the silly things
we tend to overlook when in love. It will give you a smile that says,
"yeah, I've been there..."

Though love will continue to boggle each one's mind,
still the truth replicates that the greatest gift to humanity is still Love.

About the Author

Annette A. Leviste was a former Computer Science and IT Lecturer in a university and private college in Asia. She now works as a Systems Administrator for a private company in Los Angeles. Being in the technical field did not deter her to write this book - a long time dream since college days. Her passion for writing poetry made the conceptualization and collaboration of this book with her friend and illustrator, Odetthe.

Annette is also an avid reader of wide variety of books. She also designed the web page for

A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts Major in Advertising Arts, Odetthe D. Gallardo was a former Fine Arts Instructor. She also worked as a Computer Graphic Artist in one of the most prestigious broadcasting companies in the Philippines. Odetthe now works as a Freelance Graphic Designer.

Her penchants include painting, composing songs, and exploring different mediums for her various art works.

Both Annette and Odetthe are members of Bethel Baptist Church in Torrance, CA, where they serve through the talents and gifts that the Lord has bestowed upon them. They joyfully have been working as a team in many church musicals, special activities, and projects. Doing "Love Et Al" has been a very rewarding and memorable experience for both. Thriving for the Master's use is their continuous goal in life.

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