Puerta Abierta Desde El Universo




Book Details

Language : Spanish
Publication Date : 5/15/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 240
ISBN : 9781412002349

About the Book

Step-by-step you are reminded of your divinity and guides you to make connections once more with your inter-dimensional aspects of SELF.

About the Author

Maria Lupita Martinez was born in Costa Rica November 23, 1926. From early childhood began life expericiencing vast swings of poverty and wealth, learning from every experience that life is an obstacle course, and the attitude we use to run the race makes all the difference in the outcome.

She was married to a diplomat twenty five years of her life, was instrumental in developing and building a subdivision in Florida where she built her home in 1979. Became a Spiritual Minister, Reiki Master, land developer in Louisiana, and finally writer. Maria Lupita openly continues to share her experiences so that readers could learn and hopefully find more ease with their own spiritual evolution. She learned to find joy of spirituality along life's path by searching for and finding GOD/GODDESS where we have been afraid to venture....WITHIN OURSELVES. In finding spirituality within we find ourselves.

Her spiritual life has involved her with star beings, interdimensional travels, counseling, soul readings, and healing. Has traveled extensively all over the world as all these trips contribute to her writing. These experiences are necessary to activate the cellular memory to remember her participation in the DIVINE PLAN of the Universe, the "I AM THAT I AM". Her teachings come from the heart.

At this time Maria Lupita enjoys lecturing in Spanish or English worldwide. Her message is a message of Universal Truth and love. Her life is a true testimony of the evolution of a soul, who has found the secret of living her life in peace and in joy. Maria Lupita teaches personal transformation and how to make choices that would set you free in a conscious journey of soul evolution. Her books take you higher and higher to Celestial Realms. Maria Lupita has been a Walk-in since the age of four. Visit Maria online at www.universeredcardinal.com