The Outer Realm




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/21/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.25x8
Page Count : 342
ISBN : 9781553950851

About the Book

Ben Johnson and his best fried, Jim Clark, two regular teenagers from the town of Silver Oak, California, decided to take a trip to their town's amusement park for a way to relax from the hectic school year, and the start of a much-needed summer vacation. Along the way home, they stumble down a treacherous decline, where their lives take a turn for the worst. Once they regain consciousness from their fall, their truest adventure begins, for nothing they've ever gone through was quite this rough. Finding themselves entrapped upon a dusty, dirt road that leads endlessly through the Outer Realm, their long-term friendship is put to the ultimate test while being controlled by the realm's unseen keeper. Ben and Jim later discover that their main goal is to destroy the evil entity before they find an eternal home for their spirits among the Outer Realm's desolate wasteland.

Meanwhile, in the town of Silver Oak, both Jim and Ben's parents try to live through each day in fear and senility, waiting for their children to return home. The spirit of the Outer Realm's demonic keeper lingers in the neighborhood, having a spiritual connection with a kind, elderly gentlemen. By doing so, the evil spirit is able to cross over between worlds to wreak his havoc. The mystery of Silver Oaks ongoing nightmare resembles the epitome of an unearthly nature, as the town's authorities try to unlock the ghastly doors of the supernatural that link to the missing children. Will they ever solve the mysteries that have been circulating around time after time, or will they find certain death as they investigate the areas of the supernatural? Venture into the Outer Realm, and discover for yourself the eerie mysteries that have kept the people of Silver Oak in sheer terror time and again.

About the Author

Brett Blumfield grew up in Santa Clarita, California, taking a strong interest in literature and writing since age nine, which has evolved greatly over the years. By the time he graduated from High School, he had leisurely written thirty one-page stories, but the manuscripts were soon lost upon his move to Lake Shastina, California after the turbulent Northridge Earthquake of 1994. There, Brett Blumfield began working on his first novella, Danger Beach, and then slowly worked on a rough draft of The Outer Realm. He traveled across the United States and established residency in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was inspired by writing more horror and suspense/thriller from the eerie legends of long ago. By this time, he had already completed two books on CD ROM, eight novellas for his web site, and made his first publishing attempt upon completion of a final draft of The Outer Realm.

Currently, Brett Blumfield lives in Puryear, Tennessee, and will be working on at least twenty more novels, which will be released one at a time as progress continues.

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