A Tao of God - A "way" to heal pain and fear that shackle us

by Ron McCray



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/6/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.25x8.5
Page Count : 114
ISBN : 9781412003872

About the Book

In the movie and stage play, Amadeus, Austrian Emperor Joseph II tells Mozart that ther are "too many" notes in one of Mozart's masterpieces. Mozart replies that there is just the right number of notes, not too many or too few.

Such is the case with A Tao of God. There is just the right number of words to accomplish its intention, namely, to provide a road map of spiritual evolution beginning with an explanation of the human experiment to living a fulfilled and harmonious life with intermediate stops at emotional wounding, healing, and manifesting. The book's strength lies in the brevity and simplicity of its profound wisdom, which teaches that true healing comes from within, not without, and plots the course of the inward journey.

In today's fast-paced world, where more and more people are awakening to their need for spiritual evolution, there are many questions- and many questioners- calling for quick, simple easy-to-find answers. Answers to questions about enlightenment and spiritual evolution have been provided for centuries in thousands of texts. There is indeed, nothing new under the sun.

So- what makes A Tao of God unique

    A Tao of God is complete work that spans:
  • The purpose of mankind,
  • How we come to be spiritually wounded,
  • How these wounds form the basis of all our perceived problems,
  • How they create our perceptions of failures and insecurities,
  • How to heal these wounds,
  • Manifesting everything we need, and
  • Living out lives in a state of perfect harmony and happiness.

A Tao of God is short. All of the above is accomplished in about 100 pages. The book's core structure is 39 one to three page chapters.

A Tao of God uses simple, straightforward language and strives for perfect clarity. It crosses the boundaries of religious, philosophical, and psychological thought.

Because of its succinctness and breadth, A Tao of God is ideal for any seeker of spiritual enlightenment, from complete novices to those who have been consciously on their paths for years, even decades. It ties together the entire journey, and can be read at one sitting. And, just like the popular classics, A Tao of God is one of the few books that can be re-read over and over again, since its message changes the more deeply the reader penetrates the veil between the Earth and the domain of spirit.

At this time in mankind's history when fear is running rampant and ruling so much of our actions, a simple and short explanation of what is happening in the nations of the world is sorely needed. Because nations are composed of people, the dynamics of why humans behave as they do are fully explained in A Tao of God. The book has a message of tremendous importance to all people, regardless of nationality, religion or creed.

The message is: understand the true origins of fear, learn to release your own fears, and support others in doing the same. In this way you can heal the pain and fear that stop you, and manifest a life of true abundance- one that is filled with inner peace, happiness, love and total freedom. This is the contract A Tao of God makes with its readers. This is the promise that A Tao of God delivers.

About the Author

Ron McCray is on a spiritual journey that started in 1991 and continues to lead him through many experiences including studying shamanism, group work, a formal study of spiritual psychology, channeling, experiencing sacred spots around the world, and other pursuits. As a result of these varied pursuits, his book, A Tao of God clarifies and condenses what he understands about the nature of God, humanity, and the mysteries of spiritual evolution. Ron is from Kentucky, a graduate from the University of Louisville, and worked in information technology for over 25 years. He currently live in the San Jacinto Mountains of Southern California where he practises spiritual and life mastery coaching, writes and roams the mountains. More about his life, current work, and activities is found at: www.ronmccray.com