The Dark Art of C# Programming

.Net Core Language

by Gaia Asher



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/28/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 7x9
Page Count : 196
ISBN : 9781553950509

About the Book

The Dark Art of C# Programming
By Gaia Asher

C# is the new programming language at the core of the Microsoft .Net initiative. If you want to be on the .Net bandwagon, you need this language.

And how can 500 letter-sized pages of official ECMA-334 Standard "C# Language Specification" fit into 200 pages of this book? Still, it's done. This book explains the complete and unabridged C# programming language. It can be used as both a blitzkrieg course for students and a convenient reference for professionals.

The book has two main parts. The Part One, "Bare Necessities", describes the basic language functionality similar to what you can find in all traditional languages from Algol and Fortran to Pascal and C. That includes such topics as statements, flow control, operators, expressions, type system, local declarations, preprocessor, and more. The Part Two, "Classes and Objects", dives into object-oriented programming inherited by C# from SmallTalk, Modula-2, C++, and Java. For benefit of the readers, who already know some programming language, the book frequently compares C# constructs to their counterparts in other languages, especially C, C++, and Java.

Who is this book for?
Software developers and Computer Science and Information Technology students.

What does this book cover?
Complete C# programming language as per ECMA-334 Standard.

What do you need to know?
Generic understanding of programming in any language will be helpful.

What to read next?
".Net Cookbook" (not yet published) for .Net extensive library of classes.

About the Author

Gaia Asher has an extensive experience working on consulting projects based on various Microsoft technologies. She has also worked on the embedded version of Linux. Now she is writing a series of the books devoted to Microsoft .Net platform.