Moods and Moments

by Lindly Stiles



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/2/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781412008822

About the Book

Moods and Moments is a re-print of a classic best seller of 1955 which was judged by critics as the equal to the poems by the famous English poet A. A. Milne. It is being re-published and distributed by Trafford On-Demand Publishing because of popular demand by purchasers of the first edition who want it for their grandchildren. Included in this version are a few of the author's selected poems from Ideas and Images, published by Dembar Educational Services in Madison Wisconsin. It too was a best seller in its time.

Moods and Moments, although written about one family, the author's, deals with the experiences of living together - and growing up - that are typically facecd by children and parents in homes around the world.

Some poems are for children, some are for youths, and others, for adults. The charming verses in this collection - and their delightful illustrations - are meant for all ages. They are about children and young people; and the things important to them and their parents. They are for all who are now, or who have ever been young - and remember. Most especially, they are for families. And yes, they are for teachers too. For they as well live and grow up with young people.

The rhymes and rhythms in this book touch upon - with sensitive insight and delicate whimsy - events and thoughts of children, and family experiences, that are so universal that they belong to all. They briing to the reader, be he or she young or otherwise, vivid poetic reflections of childhood games, and the sheer wonder and mystery of being young, and the refreshing eagerness of every child to run to meet life.

Most importantly, Moods and Moments is wholesome reading. It is a pleasant and effective antidote for the confusion and frusratrions of the times. Its readable and enjoyable poems, characterized by simplicity, variety and lively rhythms, help all ages to appreciate - and perhaps to recapture - the vital experiences that make up the fabric of Happy family life.

The content and charm of Dr. Stiles' verses, the delightfulness of Sally Turner's, Clarice George Logan and Lori Musil's illustrations and the artistry of the design of the book by Charles Smith and recreated by Simmie Plummer, all combine to make Moods and Moments a "quality book", a classic for all times and ages. It belongs in every home and is a "must" for collections of children's books in both school and public libraries.

It is popular poetry for all ages. Its sparkling rhymes and rythms and delightful illustrations reveal with delicate sensitivities events that most children experience as they are growing up. Written about the life of one family, readers have attested that it belongs to all. From the early childhood expeirence of "Johnny One Hop", through the wonderful reflections about whether "Can God See Me" to the galloping saddle-back rhythms of "Round-up time", no reader - young or old - will be untouched.

In store for all who read these verses will be wit and wisdom, wonder and relaxation, as well as tears and laughter found in wholesome family living. It is a book that, once started, is difficult to put down - in the initial and subsequent readings.

About the Author

Dr. Lindley J. Stiles is a Who's Who children's poet, a Hall of Fame Educator, and a world-wide leader for excellence in teaching. He was born on a cattle ranch near what is now Tatum, New Mexico. His world-class professional career was anchored in his boyhood real experience with cowboys and Indians on his father's several cattle ranches. He worked his way through college, being named one of three Alumni of the Century by Fort Lewis College, and awarded three degrees and the University Medal by the University of Colorado and named a "Living Legend" by the International Biographical Center for his creation of the social wisdom, "THE BEST SHOULD TEACH".

In addition to writing and/or editing sixty professional books and four hundred articles about almost every phase of teaching and learning, Dr. Stiles is the author of four books of poetry and numerous published individual poems. His professional autobiography, Cowboy in the Classroom, was written to accompany "The Stiles Shelf in the Archives of the Deering Library of Northwestern University from which he retired as Emeritus Interdisciplinary Professor of Education in 1979. In his retirement years he has written more poetry and Popular novels about his early years as young cowboy on his father's cattle ranches.

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