Commandments from the Kitchen Chair




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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/25/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 160
ISBN : 9781553952275

About the Book

"Is there life after laundry?" This age-old question is posed by every mother, every domestic engineer of the traditional and non-traditional homestead. Personally, I think not. There is only life between loads. Everything else is scheduled around the laundry hamper.

Commandments From The Kitchen Chair is a candid look at our family's life events between running for the rinse cycle and searching for lost socks in the dryer. Early in Motherhood I discovered to my chagrin, that children do not come into the world clutching owners' manuals and husbands fail to greet you at the altar with a self-course in mind reading. These are learned skills for which no night school classes are yet to be offered. Every mother in the world feels at some point in her "career" that she is alone in her domestic dilemmas, that no one else could possibly be having the kind of day she is having. It is my hope that Commandments From The Kitchen Chair will convince mothers everywhere that we've all been there, and most of us are still there. As mothers we belong to a kind of silent sorority, but we're all members just the same. Join with me and chuckle at the life course we have chosen. After all, if it weren't for insanity, we'd all be crazy by now.

Appearing throughout the book are my husband, herein after referred to as "hubby", preferring to remain anonymous unless I use a pseudonym, and two daughters Kristin and Katelyn, fondly dubbed "The Special K's" (ages ten and three at the time of writing). No names have been changed to protect the innocent; none of us are innocent. Our family closely parallels your own, and my Mother too told me there would be days like this. She did however neglect to mention that they would all be like this.

About the Author

Canadian author, Linda Bowman-MacBrien is a working mother residing in Shelburne, Ontario. While raising her two young daughters, she wrote humorous articles, mostly for her own therapy and self preservation, she recalls. Friends and family convinced her to have them published, and weekly, her columns appeared in several community newspapers. Over the years she has compiled most of her columns into this book, hoping it will bring new insights and revelations to life's trials and tribulations. With her daughters now grown, she still maintains a healthy sense of humor, appreciating the funny side of life when chaos is reigning. She feels that Commandments From The Kitchen Chair should be a survival manual for mothers and fathers alike, as well as their children. It was for her. To quote the author, "the older I got, the smarter my parents got."