Sarah's Promise

by Devra West



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/7/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 376
ISBN : 9781553955191

About the Book

* An absolute must read on the topic of the Middle East!
* A profound catalyst for the timely questions of the human heart!
* A critical call for the deepest of personal introspection and proactive response!

Sarah's Promise is an extraordinary odyssey of the inner and outer exploration of the questions of the ages and the immediate crucial decisions facing the human race through the conflict in the Middle East.

Dr. West shares a profoundly intimate, heart-rending and intensely frank view of life as a peaceworker in a region of timeless wisdom and ruthless conflict. She has journeyed extensively throughout the Middle East region, giving her a visceral, first-hand experience of the issues, influences and unique challenges that make this part of the world a global hot spot. The magnitude of Devra's inner exploration, in the midst of orchestrating an international peace effort, demands that a personal quest be engaged on the part of the reader and is sure to inspire many questions of far-reaching impact for all who enter her world of deep contemplation, and passionate desire to make a difference.

The first in a series, Sarah's Promise is a "must read" for anyone wanting to gain greater insight into the polarized nature of peace and conflict in Israel and Palestine and the critical planetary dilemma that must be addressed by all responsible world citizens.

About the Author

Devra West, D.D., Ph.D., is one of the foremost innovative thinkers of our time and a visionary leader in many areas of human endeavor. Her quest moves from a greatness of heart that contributes to a better life and a more viable and creative existence for all human beings. She is the founder and creative director of several non-profit international peace and humanitarian organizations which seek to inspire a new era of global guardianship, philanthropy, higher consciousness and the international stewardship of human values.

Her visionary capacity for futuristic thinking has put her consulting firm, Millennia Mind, Inc., in the forefront of leadership development, and made it one of the most sought-after agencies in the field. In addition to the Peace Promise Initiative, her work with the Global Guardianship Institute promises to offer a dynamic influence in the field of ethical corporate, economic and environmental international practices. One of her present endeavors is her work with global leaders to create new financial systems based on the ethics of sustainability and prosperity for all nations.

The Rocky Mountains of Montana is where Devra makes her home. She is a dedicated mother of three grown children and the proud grandmother of a still growing third generation. Through her vibrant roles as a dedicated humanitarian, a dynamic transformational teacher, and a corporate and leadership consultant, she demonstrates an inspiring example of living in the vitality of one's full creative potential. Dr. West is the author of a wide range of leading-edge books on higher consciousness and new paradigms for a more benevolent shared global environment, and continues to earn international recognition for her tireless efforts to improve planetary conditions.