Echoes From the Past

by Edward A. Bird



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/18/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.14x7.5
Page Count : 292
ISBN : 9781412009850

About the Book

Gordon, respected young mathematics' professor, receives information casting doubt on his paternity. Shocked yet pragmatic, he decides to investigate since a fortune is attached to the outcome - and total secrecy has been promised. His quest in Europe is centred in London, Paris, and the French Riviera.

His search for the identity of his true father reveals more about his past than he'd ever dreamed of. His life is threatened. Almost against his will, he finds himself involved in a life-changing love affair; he is tricked into an apparent car theft, and a diamond heist. - Interpol follows his every move! They watch and wait. These ramifications pursue him back to his home base in Canada. The risks are high.

Undeterred, the young professor co-operates with the authorities, but keeps his cards close to his chest. He firmly believes that a given mathematical formula must yield a given result. He hopes to emerge from it all with a beautiful wife, a fortune, a mansion, a priceless car, and a certain professional distinction, if not the notoriety at his home university.

About the Author

After the author completed his B.A. at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. he went to Paris to complete his education and lived there for ten years. He was awarded a Canada Council Grant and earned his Doctorate at the Sorbonne. As a student he held the post of English assistant and taught in the high-schools of Paris for three years.

Later he was appointed Professor for three years at the Ecole des Traducteurs et Interpretes under the aegis of the University of Paris. Then, after his marriage, he returned to U.B.C., Vancouver, Canada, to accept an appointment in the Department of French.

He has published a number of articles, three textbooks, co-authored a fourth with his wife, and two novels, Shadows on the Seine: Paris 1952, Diamonds from the Dark Side, & Other Voices, Other Climes (a collection of ten unique stories).

The author now resides in West Vancouver, B.C.