Love, Sex, and Romance

by Sergio Garcia



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/3/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 254
ISBN : 9781553955450

About the Book

We spend so much time worrying about the little things in life, money, objects, bills, insignificant things really. We give these things much more importance than they deserve because these things are so truly trivial when compared to the significant things in life like love, health, family, and friends. We allow these trivial things to constantly overwhelm us and worry us sick. We always wish for the future, as opposed to rejoicing in the present and appreciating life for what it truly is, a gift, an opportunity to love and to be loved and by doing so opening our eyes to a truly beautiful reality, a reality we fail to see without love.

We fail to see the true beauty of life, the beauty of a brand new morning, the beauty of a butterfly resting in a rose, or the sweet melodies the bird sing. Instead, we focus on the petty things, and by so doing we keep ourselves from achieving the true happiness we seek.

Time and time again I have encountered unhappiness in life and particularily in relationships. People do not understand why their relationships are not going in the right direction. People wonder why they are not as happy as they wish they could be, and usually the reason for this is not an insurmountable one. This unhappiness is mostly caused by a lack of communication, lack of trust, lack of honesty, lack of attention or understanding. Sometimes a combination of these prevents us from achieving true happiness, but they can be overcome, and with my help and your willingness to change, you will achieve just that.

These problems, unfortunately, are very common, but there is a solution, a simple solution I want to share with you. I want to change the status quo by providing you with the tools you will need to overcome these problems. I want to provide you with the tools you need to more successfully approach your love interest, to better deal with your significant other, and to even improve your marriage and everyday life. I will show you how to communicate, appreciate, and better understand your partner; above all, I will help you love again.

The reason behind this book being written is the beautiful feeling one feels as soon as one falls in love, a feeling that should never disappear. It should evolve and become more objective, but no less beautiful; the flame of love should never vanish. The honeymoon period, whether you are married or have just entered into your first relationship, should not fade and pass; it should just transform and it can! It will require a little effort and awareness of each other's preferences, but remember all worthwhile endeavors do.

The origin of this book then rests in the predominant lack of understanding between the sexes, in the predominant complaint, "My boyfriend pays more attention to his car than to me," as well as "My wife is always nagging; no matter what I do, she's never happy." The origin of this book is due to the strong belief that I can change that, that I can provide you, the reader, with a happy medium. I strongly believe that I can show you how to meet halfway, and become a happier person and a happier couple in the process.

I believe that I can help change those statements to something more positive. I believe I can change those statements to something like: "my boyfriend enjoys spending time working on his car, but he loves me; I'm the most important thing in his life" or "my wife is the greatest - she knows how much I love her, and she knows any opportunity I get I want to be with her because I'm the most important person in her life." Myabe you noticed the use of "thing" and "person" and that is a purposeful mistake, as you will soon learn.

About the Author

Born on a beautiful March first, the year was 1977, the time unknown to me. I was born somewhere in a tiny town in Mexico to a simple, caring, loving family. Born second of six, I have always felt the need to look after my family, though I am sure I have come short on many occasions. I have one older brother, three younger sisters and a brother; they are all a blessing and have undoubtedly influenced my life and contributed to my formation.

I have been blessed with knowing wonderful people since an early age, and since an early age, I have been truly concerned with love and relationships, constantly thinking of what I could do to improve the status quo. I have always felt that the greater good for humanity has been lost in the aim of achieving the greater good for the individual; we have become too self-centered and mistakenly hurt ourselves thinking we were doing what was better for us.

We have failed to see that the greatest benefit is not only in promoting the individual but humanity as a whole; when we help other, we undoubtedly help ourselves. For, as I have stated, those who bring happiness to others cannot escape it themselves. It is only natural for your heart to rejoice when you see the smile in the face of the person you have just helped.

So, help and love others; do it today, for the future is an uncertain place.