Thoughts Feelings Visions Memories

by Doris M. Jones



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/8/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x10.75
Page Count : 170
ISBN : 9781412016155

About the Book

Different types of poetry; variety of rhyming poetry composed of author's thoughts, feelings, visions and memories.

About the Author

As a child growing up, I was so bashful that I stayed to myself a lot. I didn't have a problem communicating with my family because we were very close. My escape was in my writing. I wrote on everything including the wall (we had flowered wall paper and I would erase it so Mama wouldn't know that I had written on her wall).

I had a very blessed childhood. It was seven of us (four boys and three girls). Whenever we had to write something or do a report in my classes, it was exciting for me. Wherever I was most of the time, even now, I have access to a pen and paper.

For many years, I slept with a pad, pen and flashlight by my bed. Sometimes I couldn't sleep for poems coming into my mind. Good or bad I love writing them. One of my goals in life was to have some of my poems published and to write novels. Thanks to God, I've done both and hoping to publish my first novel this year.

The first poem that was printed was titled "Born Free" which was published in the Roosevelt Jr. High School paper in Compton, CA in the 70's. I've written several poems for obituaries including my older brother, Charles.

I made, "Who's Who in Poetry" in 1995. Between 1991-1995 about seventy of my poems were prined in different poetry anthologies. I have received numerous awards including an Editor's Choice.

This book is self-published and I want you to know that I believed that I could do it and here it is. The next one will be better! Enjoy and thanks you.

Yours in Christ
Doris M. Jones