60 Greatest Questions & Answers on How to RAISE the Physically Dead & Dying




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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/7/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 124
ISBN : 9781553691891

About the Book

60 Questions & Answers on How to RAISE the Physically Dead & Dying is an awesome and inspiring book that Satan will not want you to read. It is a book that tells of Rev-Dr. N.D. Audu's ascension in his ministry and his secrets in health, prosperity, and the acceptance of God and rejection of Satan.

More information can be found at http://www.raisingthedead.org or http://www.ndaudu.com.

About the Author

Since 1978, God has sent Dr. N.D. Audu from Nigeria, as possibly one of the first apostolic voices in modern times to nearly 40 nations of the world demonstrating the Good-News of Jesus Christ with dramatic miracles following. Currently, he has launched his ambitious "Billion Souls Harvest" Campaign to bring God to nations, and nations back to God.

Highly respected by world political leaders, Dr. Audu is being warmly invited and received by national Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, and governmental dignitaries.

He is greatly used by God to raise up many physically dead and dying people; To heal all kinds of sickness, cast out devils, to win multitudes of sinners to Christ, and perform many special, creative miracles.

Called into the Apostolic-Evangelist Ministry, Dr. N.D. Audu is a revivalist and a non-compromising preacher. In 1979 he was taken into heaven in a vision, and sent back by God with remarkable anointing, to show the world all that he has seen and heard.

He is the Founder of a worldwide missionary organization knows as: Nations For Christ Int'l Ministries, with branches in Nigeria, France, and U.S.A., where he now lives. Dr. N.D. Audu was trained to be an engineer, and is also an airplane private pilot.

He is the Chairman and CEO of Win-Win Solutions, a motivational enterprise, which helps to motivate people to develop and maximize their full potentials through his "Make your Dreams come true" conferences.

As a prolific writer, a sought-after motivational speaker, a consultant, and dynamic teacher, Dr. Audu is the author of many faith-inspiring books like I Love Raising the Dead, Stop Limiting God, Jesus is the Same Today, Wake up the Giant God in You, Be a Motivator, and Golden Treasure.

Visit Dr. Audu's website at www.microbusinessusa.com/audu.htm

Contact Dr. Audu at wwsmotivation@yahoo.com or at ndaudu@hotmail.com or at audunciministriesorg@yahoo.com