Ramblin On

by Clyde Rosser



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/12/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6.75x9.75
Page Count : 244
ISBN : 9781553957485

About the Book

    This book was prepared by Clyde and Wenogene Rosser, for our children and any other people that might have an interest in reading it. RAMBLIN ON was chosen for the name because that is just what we are doing. The book is in no order. We collected, over a fifty-year period, many items we thought to be of interest to people in all walks of life. At first our idea was to write a sales manual. We later decided to include something for everyone. For the page header my wife thought, "A PATTERN FOR LIVING" would be appropriate. You need a pattern to make a dress, a quilt, and a birdhouse. In fact you need a pattern to do a good job making almost anything. A blue print is a pattern for building a home. Why not a pattern for living which is the most important thing we do?
    We believe we have in our book many ideas that will help you build a good, strong, prosperous, happy, healthy and enjoyable life. We know it will answer most all the problems you may have. The book is based on belief and the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude. We know it is important to live every minute, every hour and every day with positive expectancy. We believe your attitude controls not only your successful living but also your health. We are supported in our belief by many prominent people who have been leaders in our time and also most of the great men and women history has recorded for a few thousand years. They have contributed many fine ideas that have been proven successful for them and many others who have made good use of them. We know you will enjoy reading and benefiting from these thoughts.
    Just one idea could give you the extra lift, or push, or belief that will cause you to reach your dream goals. The book is filled with motivational thoughts. It is designed to be opened at any page and read. This will lead you to investigate the other pages. Also you will find an index by page number. The index is not in any order as it follows the book. This is intentional and we think and we hope you will enjoy it this way.
We feel certain you will find many things you can relate to. If you feel a lot of it is sales oriented remember sixty percent of the people depend totally or partially on sales for their livelihood and that it is Many topics are covered from how to get along with people to weight control. We hope this material will benefit you. We know it will if you use it. You will find quotes from people such as the following we will list plus others not listed here. We quote, Disraeli, Bovee, Arostle, Corbett, Ford, Edison, Johnson, Lincoln, Schweitzer, Emerson, Plato, Socrates, Apostle Paul, Jesus, Thoreau, Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt, King Solomon, Burbank, Kettering, Omar Kahyyam, William James, Galileo, Mark Twain, Kaiser, Voltaire, Shakespeare, Ben Franklin, Hugo, Pasteur, Confucius, Dr Oyle, Carlyle, Darwin and Vandyke.
This book will be very helpful in rearing children. It will be helpful for anyone in a negotiating position such as union officials, diplomats, managers, salesman, homemakers or business people in any vocation.

Successfully Yours,
Clyde E. Rosser
Wenogene Rosser

About the Author

Clyde Rosser worked as a motivational speaker for over 30 years. By publishing Ramblin On he continues to deliver motivating messages.