Catalyst One

The Idea Mill for the Story Maker

by Robert E. Rushton



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/25/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x10.75
Page Count : 506
ISBN : 9781412019415

About the Book

A matrix of
Common-sense impressions,
Whimsy-freak notions,
Personal love-relations,
Societal love-relations, War, Guerilla War, & Assassinations.
New political-terminology and conceptions,

And much more for you, the story maker, to ponder, extract and catalyze into your very own allergy using your genius to flesh it out, in your name, a legend of our time.

Story-smiths will delight in the wisdom given in the various sections on love that may be extracted here-from and fashion into a story line. A refreshing change of outlook on this subject both from society's point of view and from the individual's intuitive instincts.

The parabilic sections on Front Line War, Guerilla War and Assassination will offer the story maker pause for thought on these subjects. The story maker's own abstraction and reworking of these new concepts will leave ample scope for metamorphosis into ones own powerful narrative.

The cynical section on diplomacy takes the subject to new horizons that will lead one from fresh works in this subject thus adding modern scope to those works of Michiavelli.

The story maker's extraction, modification and reapplication of the various other sections of this work may possibly lead to new higher ground in plot constructs.

This book will both entertain and enlighten you. A revolutionary and extraordinary book that crosses the boundaries of religion, philosophy, and intellectual thought with purity, lucidity, and protraction laid out in an order that allows full scope of craft a blueprint for your own book in word erection.

This book of 'parables' venerates the probity of extraordinary events in the life and times of contemporary society and doings. It validates and encourages responsibility for creating your own truly insightful work. The book requires some effort in understanding fresh ground breaking concepts and thus willingness to learn and grasp new terminology.

About the Author

Robert E. Rushton was born in Kirkland Lake Ontario Canada, where he worked as a young man at various occupations such as mining, farming, and industrial work. His education included intense study in the engineering field, particularly marine engineering. His awards include the highest grade certificate for marine engineer as authorized by national authority, and thus recognized by all marine jurisdictions in the world as signatories to the UN conventions that pertain to same. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology in the UK (Fellow IMarEST). Professional Engineer Ontario Retired (P.Eng).

Mr. Rushton has had extensive marine and other engineering experience worldwide. His personal studies, together with the distillation of notes of a lifetime of philosophic and economic interpretation, and observations of various peoples of the globe. The forgoing together with studies into the moral implications of the present way of life of 90% of humankind have lead to the present volumes.