Legs Wide Open

by Bakr Ahmed



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/16/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 4.5x7.5
Page Count : 140
ISBN : 9781412019958

About the Book

The events of Sodom and Gomorra near the River Jordan millennia ago are about to be repeated once again, this time in Ireland. J. Connolly, an historic Irish patriot who later became one of God's trusted angels in heaven has been chosen to return once more to his beloved city, Dublin. He has been commanded to return in the form of a well-known Dubliner by the name of J. Higgins. Connolly's mission was to find that "one" righteous Irish soul that will convince God to save the Irish from the fate that Sodom and Gomorra faced. An army of heavenly warriors is heading towards Earth and only a favourable report from Connolly could stop them.

Connolly is granted a one-month period in which he is to gather all the evidence he could find in order to challenge the mounting support for ruination, which has been gathered over the years by other angels. His fact-finding mission means visiting many places in Dublin and interacting intimately with fellow Dubliners.

His stay in Dublin, as J. Higgins, is marked by desperate search for a wife. He goes to all the places he might have a chance to meet her and, in the course of his search, he goes out with some of the women whom he meets. In each encounter, he tries to achieve a balance between the values an angel stands for and the earthly desires dominating humans. At the end of his mission he writes an assessment report and makes a recommendation on the fate of the nation.

This is an explicit, although polite and far from offensive novel. It includes precise descriptions of certain human organs and activities. Those descriptions are used to represent arguments, not merely for the sake of using them. However, the language used is easily understandable by the average English reader. Vague terms were avoided whenever possible and reality is expressed very plainly.

About the Author

Bakr Ahmed holds a Doctorate in Philosophy from the National University of Ireland. He has been educated in several countries and, as a result, he got the chance to closely examine the dominant lifestyles in those countries. He has great interests in cultural differences and sees them as means of enriching humans' lives rather than dividing factors. This book is his first attempt to understand these differences. However, in order to understand, we must document. This novel is a plain documentation of one part of culture, man-woman relationships...